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BMW Race Trophy

BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Since the BMW S 1000 RR was launched, private teams and riders have celebrated numerous race victories and taken innumerable podium finishes in national and international championships. An excellent reason for BMW Motorrad Motorsport to solely concentrate on customer related motorsport.

Probably the most innovative project in motorcycle racing

A major pillar of the BMW Motorrad customer racing programme is formed by an absolutely unique project in motorcycle racing worldwide: the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. BMW Motorrad redefines the standards in customer racing with the Race Trophy and 2019 already marks the sixth season of what is probably the world’s most innovative motorcycle racing series.

The Race Trophy provides a platform for every racer, competing on an BMW S 1000 RR, to generate awareness not only in their own racing series, but all around the world. A unique chance for every racer to make a name for themselves on the international stage and to be part of a big and successful community of BMW racers.

The 2019 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is comprised of 21 championships with 26 different classes, staging 350 races on 93 circuits in 26 countries on six continents. Hundred per cent parity is granted by an adaptive points system. After all, every racing series has its own rules - different regulations, different number of races and different number of starters. All this is taken into account when the Race Trophy points are calculated. The Race Trophy stays exciting for motorsport fans all the way down to the wire. The current standings are extremely close and the classification changes from week to week.

Partner to BMW Motorrad Motorsport customers

BMW Motorrad Motorsport supports BMW Motorrad racers around the world with unlimited enthusiasm for the BMW brand and BMW motorcycles and of course BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s specialists’ combined expertise.
The BMW riders’ success and championships will be rewarded with a total prize purse of more than 100,000 Euro at the end of the 2019 season.

Like last year, the following bonuses will be up for grabs, in addition to the 2,500 Euro bonus presented to any riders and teams that win a championship:
The “Newcomer of the year” receives a BMW Motorrad parts voucher worth 2,500 Euro, while the “Best rider in class” is rewarded with a 500 Euro bonus.

The winner of the BMW Motorrad Trophy will receive 15,000 Euro, second place will be rewarded with 10,000 Euro and third place with 7,500 Euro. 

BMW racers showcase their skills on the race track in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – BMW Motorrad Motorsport ensures that fans, media, team bosses and sponsors hear about it and BMW racers around the entire world become one big international family.