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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 21/09/2016, FIM Superbike World Championship

Lederhosen instead of race leathers

The Althea BMW Racing Team riders at the Oktoberfest

Lederhosen instead of race leathers: Following the race weekend at the Lausitzring, Althea BMW Racing Team riders Markus Reiterberger, Jordi Torres and Raffaele De Rosa headed straight to the Oktoberfest in Munich. BMW had invited them to its traditional get-together, the BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch, at the largest and most famous festival in the world. Among the guests were BMW motorsport stars, BMW sport ambassadors, and many well-known athletes from a wide range of sports.

For the BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders in the MOTUL FIM World Superbike Championship and the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, this event provided the perfect opportunity to meet BMW colleagues from other sports.“In motorcycle racing, you mostly find yourself socialising with other motorcycle people. As such, an event like this offers the opportunity to look beyond biking and chat to other sportsmen and women who are supported by BMW,” said Reiterberger.

The day began with a tour of the festival site, stopping off at the iconic “Münchner Rutschn” slide, the bumper cars, and the “Hau den Lukas” test-of-strength. The BMW family then headed to one of the beer tents for a hearty lunch.

The Oktoberfest pro and festival rookies

As a Bavarian, “Reiti” is a true pro when it comes to the Oktoberfest. A visit to the Wiesn, as the festival is known locally, is a must for him. “The Wiesn is a cult event in Bavaria, and I go there at least once a year. I am usually here with BMW but, if time allows it, I also go to the Oktoberfest a couple of times with friends. It is always worth a visit.”

Reiterberger drew on all of his experience on “Hau den Lukas”, for example: he struck the pin with a perfect technique and a mixture of speed and strength to ring the “Lukas”, to the astonishment of the watching BMW family. Only Berthold Hauser, Technical Director of BMW Motorrad Motorsport and another seasoned Bavarian, did better than Reiterberger on this challenge.

Unlike “Reiti”, his team-mates Torres and De Rosa are Wiesn rookies, and were making their first appearance at the Oktoberfest. What advice did the expert have for the newcomers? “They have already made the first big mistake: not coming in the traditional Bavarian costume,” said a laughing Reiterberger. “Lederhosen are mandatory, as is a beer.”

Spaniard Torres and Italy’s De Rosa had obviously already heard of the Oktoberfest, but they were still in for a few surprises when they actually experienced it live. “It is a huge festival. Fantastic,” said Torres. “In Spain, we always think that it is nothing more than a big party with plenty of beer. However, it is much more than that – there are so many different rides and attractions. The people are all wearing their colourful Bavarian costume, and you can see that they are having a great time. For me, it is obviously great to meet so many other sportsmen and women from the BMW family.”

De Rosa also enjoyed the Oktoberfest: “That is a great festival. One thing is certain: I will certainly be back with my fiancée.”

The trio will don their leather overalls again next week, when Magny-Cours hosts the next races in the World Superbike Championship and FIM Superstock 1000 Cup from 30th September to 2nd October.