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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 07/09/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

One-two results in France

An overview of the weekend’s racing action

The French Superbike Championship (FSBK) and the French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) held their sixth and penultimate race event of the season at the Circuit Carole near Paris at the weekend.

In the first FSBK race, BMW rider Kenny Foray (Tecmas Racing Team) claimed second place on the podium and also rode the fastest race lap on his BMW S 1000 RR. Foray started from pole position in race two and battled for the win once again. However, Foray’s race came to an early end eight laps before the finish. For as yet unknown reasons, the bike suddenly slowed down and was hit from behind by another rider. Consequently, the Frenchman was forced to give up on his hopes of closing the gap to the front-runner David Checa in the battle for the title. Going into the final two races of the season, Foray in second place overall trails Checa by 58 points, meaning that Checa has secured the championship crown before the end of the season. The finale will be held in Albi from 23rd to 25th September.

In the FR EU, the BMW S 1000 RR riders celebrated a one-two result in both races. Benjamin Colliaux (Team Cherot Moto Sport) won the first race ahead of Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise). Colliaux also got the fastest race lap. A total of nine BMWs crossed the finish line in the top ten spots. In the second race, Michel Amalric (Tecmas Racing Team) celebrated his first win of the season. Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise) was at his side in second place on the podium. Three BMW riders now lead the pack in the championship standings: Colliaux leads with 198 points, followed by Florian Brunet-Lugardon with 181 points. The pair will now fight for the title at the finale in Albi. Amalric has moved up into third place with 129 points.

The legendary track at Imola hosted the fourth round of the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV) at the weekend. Polita in sixth was the best-placed BMW representative in the first race. Lorenzo Lanzi crossed the finish line in sixth place as the best BMW rider in race two. See below for an overview of all of the weekend’s results:

French Superbike Championship at Circuit Carole

Race 1:

2nd Kenny Foray (Tecmas Racing Team) (2nd SBK class) (+ fastest race lap)
12th Cyprien Schmidt (6th STK class)
17th Maxime Bonnot (Tecmas Racing Team) (7th SBK class)

Race 2:

10th Cyprien Schmidt (6th STK class)
11th Maxime Bonnot (5th SBK class)
DNF Kenny Foray

French European Bikes Championship at Circuit Carole

Race 1:

1st Benjamin Colliaux (Team Cherot Moto Sport) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise)
4th Michel Amalric (Tecmas Racing Team)
5th Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise)
6th Florian Drouin
7th Hernani Teixeira (Team ERT / Motorshow)
8th Madjid Idres (Team ERT / Motorshow)
9th Manu Dagault (Fast Team Racing)
10th Leon Benichou (Team RMS)
17th Eric Dagault (DAGYmoto 72)

Race 2:

1st Michel Amalric
2nd Cyril Brunet-Lugardon
4th Florian Brunet-Lugardon
5th Leon Benichou
7th Florian Drouin
11th Hernani Teixeira
13th Benjamin Colliaux
DNF Madjid Idres
DNF Manu Dagault
DNF Eric Dagault

Italian Superbike Championship in Imola

Race 1:

6th Alessandro Polita (Tutapista)
7th Denni Schiavoni (DMR Racing Team)
9th Lorenzo Lanzi (TMF)
11th Remo Castellarin (Crazy Old Men)
14th Alex Bernardi (Tutapista)
15th Letizia Marchetti (Crazy Old Men)
DNF Matteo Ferrari (DMR Racing Team)

Race 2:

6th Lorenzo Lanzi
7th Alessandro Polita
8th Matteo Ferrari
13th Remo Castellarin
16th Alex Bernardi
DNF Letizia Marchetti
DNF Denni Schiavoni