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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 24/08/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Next title confirmed and the RR dominates

An overview of the weekend’s racing action

BMW riders dominated once again with two top-five shut-outs as the International Road Racing Championship visited Imatra in Finland. Meanwhile, the BMW S 1000 RR chalked up another title win in Canada. At the finale of the Canadian Superbike Championship in Bowmanville, Jordan Szoke was crowned champion once again, having completed another perfect season. Szoke also took the lead in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.

The fifth, and penultimate, race weekend of the 2016 International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) season took place in Imatra, Finland. The performances of the regular racers, accompanied by a number of guest riders, ensured that the dominant BMW S 1000 RRs recorded a double top-five lock-out. The three-way battle for the title between BMW riders Vincent Lonbois, Sébastien Le Grelle (both Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux) and Didier Grams (G&G Motorsport) took centre stage.

Le Grelle won the first race ahead of Lonbois, while Didier Grams claimed the final podium place in third. Lonbois finished first in the second race, securing victory ahead of Le Grelle. Third position on the podium went to a guest starter, Finnish BMW rider Erno Kostamo. Grams crossed the line in fifth, but was awarded the championship points for third place due to the guest starter regulations. Only Lonbois and Le Grelle can now win the title and the decisive races will take place on 24th and 25th September in Frohburg. Lonbois leads the overall standings, 29 points ahead of Le Grelle in second place. Grams is already guaranteed to finish third in the championship standings.

The old and new champion of the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) is Jordan Szoke. At the season finale in the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park near Bowmanville not even the former MotoGP rider Claudio Corti could prevent Szoke from celebrating a double win. In a repeat of last year’s performance, he recorded a perfect season. Szoke secured pole position at all rounds and won all seven races on his BMW S 1000 RR from the Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike team. This was the 11th CSBK title win for the 37-year-old record champion. Ben Young (Ben Young Racing) claimed third place and another podium finish on his RR in the second race - although he had injured his knee when he came off his bike in race one. Young finished the season in third place overall and also claimed the “Rookie of the Year” award.

This weekend, the fifth race of the SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK) took place in São Paulo. Best-placed BMW S 1000 RR rider in the rain-affected race was Sebastiano Zerbo (BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing), who finished fifth. Championship leader Danilo Lewis (TecFil Racing Team) crossed the line in seventh.

The following section provides you with an overview of the weekend’s results:

International Road Racing Championship in Imatra

Race 1:

1st Sébastien Le Grelle (Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Vincent Lonbois (Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux)
3rd Didier Grams (G&G Motorsport)
4th Erno Kostamo (Markka Racing) - guest starter
5th Pauli Pekkanen (Markka Racing) - guest starter
9th Juha Kallio (Markka Racing) - guest starter
11th Jan Kopponen (Mijorak Racing) - guest starter
12th Petr Bičiště (Kimura Racing Team)
13th Kamil Holan (BMW Motorrad Czech Republic)
17th David Datzer (Sportbike-Custom by Tuka Racing)
19th Jean-Pierre Polet (JPM Team)
23rd Lasse Kärki (Team Vuokrakontti) - guest starter
25th Mikhail Shumilin (Sparta) - guest starter
26th Foti Psomadakis (Braunholz Metallbau Hannover & netMagazin)
27th Wolfgang Brunner (Woife 999)
DNF Christian Wiesinger (PSV-Wels Motorsport)
DNF Timo Paavilainen - guest starter

Race 2:

1st Vincent Lonbois (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Sébastien Le Grelle
3rd Erno Kostamo - guest starter
4th Pauli Pekkanen - guest starter
5th Didier Grams
7th Juha Kallio - guest starter
9th Kamil Holan
16th Lasse Kärki - guest starter
17th David Datzer
20th Jean-Pierre Polet
22nd Foti Psomadakis
27th Wolfgang Brunner
28th Petr Bičiště
29th Jan Kopponen - guest starter
DNF Mikhail Shumilin – guest starter
DNF Timo Paavilainen - guest starter
DNF Christian Wiesinger

Canadian Superbike Championship in Bowmanville

Race 1:

1st Jordan Szoke (Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team) (+ fastest race lap)
5th Michael Leon (Royal Distributing Racing Team)
9th Samuel Trépanier
17th Sean Heydorn
18th Riley Gage Dawe
DNF Ben Young (Ben Young Racing)
DNF Chris Murray-Audain
DNF Matt McBride
DNF Reiner Griese

Race 2:

1st Jordan Szoke (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Ben Young
5th Matt McBride
6th Michael Leon
11th Samuel Trépanier
15th Sean Heydorn
DNF Riley Gage Dawe
DNF Reiner Griese

SuperBike Series Brasil in São Paulo

5th Sebastiano Zerbo (BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing)
7th Danilo Lewis (TecFil Racing Team)
10th Diego Petrel (BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing)
16th Mauricio Paludete (Sport Plus Racing)
19th Thomas da Silva (Cerciari Racing School)
23rd Alex Borges (PRT – Pitico Racing Team)