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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Brno, Czech Republik, 24/08/2016, Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship

The man who would not give up

Michal Prášek: AARR STK champion

He is in a league of his own in the Superstock class in the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship: the 27-year-old Czech rider Michal Prášek. After five wins in eight races, the BMW rider secured the championship on the fourth race weekend of the season. This was the second title win in two years for Prášek and his Rohac and Fejita motoracing team. In 2015, they claimed the championship in the AARR STK class.

However, it looked like Prášek’s career had ended abruptly in the autumn of 2014. “I had a nasty crash in Brno. I smashed into the barriers on my bike at 150 km/h,” explains Prášek. “I suffered multiple leg breaks, swollen lungs and severe concussion. Nobody knew if I would ever be able to race again.”

But Prášek is not one to give up easily. “It is really important to stay strong when times are tough. That is typical of me,” says the Czech rider as he explains his guiding principles.

He lost no time in returning to the podium after leaving his sickbed - and he claimed the championship title on his BMW S 1000 RR just one year after his serious accident. “That was one of the best moments in my racing career,” remembers Prášek. “We wanted to win the title again in 2016, and that is exactly what we have done. It is fantastic.”

A racing life

The 27-year-old inherited his enthusiasm for racing. “I started out in motorsport as a young lad, as my father and uncle were both racing drivers,” he recalls. At the age of eight, he started on minibikes before graduating to 125cc and 600cc machines for a few years and then moving to the Superstock class in 2014. He has also had several wildcard entries at his home Grand Prix in Brno, in the 125cc championship.

Wherever he is racing, his family is always there. “My father has been my chief mechanic for 20 years,” he laughs. “And my mother and my girlfriend also come to every race.”

“Racing is my life,” he says. That is also reflected in his profession: “I run a racing academy and teach every driver who needs support. My life is all about engines.” That is just as true of his leisure time. The Czech rider lists his hobbies: minibike racing, karting, motocross, Formula races - to name but a few. Sometimes he likes to keep things calm by going fishing.

In the top positions of the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Why is he so successful on the racetrack? “I think my strong point is that I am on top form physically and mentally, and so I can concentrate 100 percent on the race when I am on the track,” he says. The bike is another key to his success: “The BMW S 1000 RR has real power and it is fantastically suited to every circuit.”

Being a part of the worldwide BMW Motorrad Motorsport family, he also appreciates the support he gets from Munich: “We got team uniforms and the HP footrests at the start of the season, which was great. But the most important support that BMW Motorrad Motorsport provides is allowing me to win points for the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy!”

And he has managed to win plenty of those already: In the field of nearly 130 Race Trophy participants, he is among the very top. Last year, he finished fifth in the overall standings. “That was a great result for our team. I think that the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy provides great motivation for all the racers around the world,” says Prášek of the unique, global competition for BMW riders. Of course, he invested the prize money and the champion’s bonus in racing: “I have bought a second BMW S 1000 RR. We need two bikes. If one bike is damaged in another serious accident, I can use the second bike to continue racing.”

Prášek has already claimed his second title in two years. There is just one race weekend remaining in the 2016 Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, from 23rd to 25th September at the Slovakia Ring near Bratislava. The Czech rider has set himself a clear target there: “I want to be battling it out to win the races in the Superstock class - and to win in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy!”