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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 03/08/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Double podium in Schleiz

Overview of last weekend’s results

Japan, Germany, Italy, South Africa: last weekend, the BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers were in action in four countries, spread across three continents.

The FIM Endurance World Championship race took place at Suzuka, Japan. That was the location for the famous “Suzuka 8 Hours”, the third race of the season. The race is the most important and most prestigious event in the Japanese race calendar, and the domestic manufacturers have just one aim: to win. The works teams had strengthened their line-ups with some well-known riders from various championships, such as MotoGP and the Superbike World Championship. Eight BMW Motorrad Motorsport customer teams were also among the almost 70-strong starting field. The best-placed BMW S 1000 RR privateer team was Team Tras 135HP, who normally compete in the MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship (MFJ) and were guesting in the EWC. Yuta Kodama, Gary Johnson and Ryosuke Katahira finished in 16th place. Directly behind them, the RR of Team Motorrad Rennsport (Koji Teramoto, Pedro Vallcaneras and Toshitane Soma) claimed 17th position.

At the weekend, the historic “Schleiz Triangle” circuit hosted the fifth round of the 2016 Superbike IDM / International German Championship (IDM). There were two podium finishes for the BMW S 1000 RR. In the first of two races, Mathieu Gines (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) secured second place. In race two, Bastien Mackels reached the podium with the Team Wilbers-BMW-Racing RR. The Belgian rider finished in third place overall, and second in the Superbike class. The second race was a much more dramatic affair for Gines: a rider in front of him clipped a pylon, sending it spinning through the air. This hit the front wheel of Gines’ bike while he was going at high speed. It was impossible for him to avoid a crash. As he fell, he suffered fractures to his forearm.

The BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers were also in action this weekend in the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV) in Misano, and at the Red Star Raceway near Delmas, South Africa, in the South African SuperGP Champions Trophy (RSA SBK).

The following section provides you with an overview of the weekend’s results:

FIM Endurance World Championship in Suzuka

Suzuka 8 Hours:

16th Team Tras 135HP (Yuta Kodama, Gary Johnson, Ryosuke Katahira) (16th SBK class)

17th Motorrad Rennsport (Koji Teramoto, Pedro Vallcaneras, Toshitane Soma) (17th SBK class)
43rd Motorrad Toyota Nagasaka Racing (Tatsuya Noda, Koji Sasaki, Yasuhisa Fukuda) (38th SBK class)
44th SYNCEDGE 4413 TRP (Shinya Takeishi, Takahiro Sowa, Gun Nakamoto) (6th STK class)
45th Activelink TIO Verity (Akihiro Igarashi, Yoshinobu Takahashi, Toshihiko Tsuiji) (7th STK class)
46th RED SEED Motorrad (Tomoya Hoshino, Takatoshi Ohnishi, Shota Fujishima) (8th STK class)
50th VITAL SPIRIT SAKURA ADVANCE & Shark (Yuto Sano, Noriyuki Tsujimoto, Daigoro Suzuki) (41st SBK class)
DNF Rosetta Motorrad39 (Daisaku Sakai, Kenny Foray, Lukáš Pešek)

Superbike IDM / International German Championship in Schleiz

Race 1:

2nd Mathieu Gines (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) (2nd SBK class) (+ fastest race lap)
5th Bastien Mackels (Wilbers-BMW-Racing) (5th SBK class)
9th Dominik Vincon (BMW Stilgenbauer) (4th STK class)
10th Jan Bühn (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) (5th STK class)
13th Pepijn Bijsterbosch (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) (8th STK class)
16th Marc Neumann (Neumann Racing) (10th STK class)
17th Ireneusz Sikora (Wilbers-BMW-Racing) (7th SBK class)
19th Arnaud Friedrich (penz13.com) (12th STK class)
23rd Colin Rossi (Wilbers-BMW-Racing) (16th STK class)
24th Andrzej Pawelec (17th STK class)
25th Philipp Gengelbach (Gengelbach Motorsport) (18th STK class)
26th Bartlomiej Wiczynski (BMW Sikora Motorsport) (19th STK class)
27th Björn Stuppi (Team Bergau) (20th STK class)
28th Sergii Grygorovych (8th SBK class)
29th Christoph Kreller (21st STK class)

Race 2:

3rd Bastien Mackels (2nd SBK class)
11th Dominik Vincon (6th STK class)
13th Pepijn Bijsterbosch (8th STK class)
14th Jan Bühn (9th STK class)
15th Arnaud Friedrich (10th STK class)
18th Ireneusz Sikora (6th SBK class)
23rd Andrzej Pawelec (17th STK class)
24th Bartlomiej Wiczynski (18th STK class)
25th Philipp Gengelbach (19th STK class)
27th Björn Stuppi (20th STK class)
28th Colin Rossi (21st STK class)
29th Marc Neumann (22nd STK class)
30th Sergii Grygorovych (8th SBK class)
31st Christoph Kreller (23rd STK class)
DNF Mathieu Gines

Italian Superbike Championship in Misano

Race 1:

5th Lorenzo Lanzi (TMF)
7th Denni Schiavoni (DMR Racing Team)
8th Alessandro Polita (Tutapista)
10th Matteo Ferrari (DMR Racing Team)
13th Alex Bernardi (Tutapista)
15th Francesco Ciacci
16th Remo Castellarin (Crazy Old Men)
18th Alessio Corradi (BMW Gomma Racing)
DNF Letizia Marchetti (Crazy Old Men)

Race 2:

4th Matteo Ferrari
5th Lorenzo Lanzi
6th Denni Schiavoni
12th Alex Bernardi
15th Francesco Ciacci
DNF Alessandro Polita
DNF Letizia Marchetti
DNF Alessio Corradi
DNF Remo Castellarin

South African SuperGP Champions Trophy at the Red Star Raceway

Race 1:

4th Lance Isaacs (Lance Isaacs Racing)
6th Garrick Vlok
15th Ricky Lee Weare
18th Jacques van Wyngaardt
19th Etienne Nelson
20th Evert Stoffberg
21st Frederick Ferdinand
23rd Johnny Krieger (Full Throttle / AJ Venter Racing)
DNF Heinrich Rheeder

Race 2:

5th Garrick Vlok
6th Lance Isaacs
12th Ricky Lee Weare
14th Jacques van Wyngaardt
15th Etienne Nelson
17th Frederick Ferdinand
20th Johnny Krieger
DNF Evert Stoffberg
DNF Heinrich Rheeder