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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 27/07/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Successful on all tracks

Wins in Great Britain, Belgium and Malaysia

The BMW racers brought home wins on their BMW S 1000 RRs on every track on which they were in action last weekend. In Thruxton in Great Britain, Michael Laverty and Taylor MacKenzie won the Superbike and Superstock classes of the British Superbike Championship. Vincent Lonbois got another double victory in the International Road Racing Championship at his home event in Chimay, Belgium, and Colin Butler celebrated his first win of the season in the Malaysia Superbike Championship at the Sepang International Circuit.

Thruxton hosted the sixth race weekend of the British Superbike Championship (BSB). Michael Laverty (Tyco BMW) climbed onto the top step of the podium for the second time this season: He won the second of the two Superbike races (BSB SBK), after he had made it onto the podium in second place in race one. Laverty moved up into fourth place in the championship standings.

In the Superstock class (BSB STK) race, no fewer than eight BMW S 1000 RRs finished in the top nine spots. Taylor MacKenzie (Buildbase BMW Motorrad) celebrated his fourth win of the season. Joshua Elliott (Tyco BMW) in third place also finished on the podium. MacKenzie leads the championship ahead of Ian Hutchinson (Tyco BMW), who finished fourth in Thruxton.

Vincent Lonbois (Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux) continued his winning streak in the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC). Despite a fractured hand, the Belgian remained unbeaten at his home event in Chimay. This saw Lonbois increase his season tally to six wins in six races and extend his championship lead further. His team-mate Sébastien Le Grelle finished second on the podium in both races, thereby consolidating his second place overall in the championship. Didier Grams (G&G Racing) also clinched a podium position for finishing third in the first race.

And there was also reason to celebrate in Malaysia: At the second round of the 2016 Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC) at the Sepang International Circuit, BMW rider Colin Butler (AP Racing) clinched his first win of the season. He won race two in the Superbike class (MSC SBK), after securing second place in the first race. The BMW S 1000 RR also finished on the podium in the Superstock class (MSC STK): Linggam Rammoo finished the second race in third place.

The following provides an overview of all of the weekend’s results:

British Superbike Championship in Thruxton

Superbike Race 1:

2nd Michael Laverty (Tyco BMW Motorrad Racing)
8th Richard Cooper (Buildbase BMW Motorrad)
9th Jakub Smrz (Smiths Racing BMW)
10th Martin Jessopp (Riders Motorcycles BMW)
14th Luke Stapleford (Smiths Racing BMW)
17th Jake Dixon (Briggs Equipment BMW)
19th Josh Wainwright (Lloyd & Jones/PR)
21st Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW Motorrad Racing)
DNF Lee Jackson (Buildbase BMW Motorrad)
DNF Alastair Seeley (Royal Air Force Regular & Reserve)
DNF Howie Mainwaring Smart (Smiths Racing BMW)

Superbike Race 2:

1st Michael Laverty
10th Lee Jackson
12th Jakub Smrz
13th Christian Iddon
15th Martin Jessopp
16th Jake Dixon
17th Luke Stapleford
22nd Alastair Seeley
24th Josh Wainwright
DNF Howie Mainwaring Smart
DNF Richard Cooper

Superstock Race:

1st Taylor MacKenzie (Buildbase BMW Motorrad)
3rd Joshua Elliott (Tyco BMW Motorrad Racing)
4th Ian Hutchinson (Tyco BMW Motorrad Racing) (+ fastest race lap)
5th Michael Rutter (Bathams SMT)
6th Adam Jenkinson (NEI Motorsport)
7th Alex Olsen (Power Projects Racing)
8th David Johnson (Fleetwood Grab Services)
9th Chrissy Rouse (CECS / Mission Racing)
13th Jesse Trayler
15th Benjamin Godfrey (LED Solutions BMW)
16th Leon Jeacock (Geo E Davies Racing)
17th Barry Teasdale (Green Chem / Bob Henderson Racing)
22nd Billy Mellor (Mellor Racing)
24th Rob McNealy (McNealy Brown Ltd.)
27th Sam West (Ice Valley / Four Anjels)
31st Scott Pitchers (Team SP Racing)
DNF Dominic Usher (ONE7R / Formwise)

International Road Racing Championship in Chimay

Race 1:

1st Vincent Lonbois (Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Sébastien Le Grelle (Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux)
3rd Didier Grams (G&G Motorsport)
5th Patrick Quintens
8th Petr Bičiště (Kimura Racing Team)
9th Christian Wiesinger (PSV-Wels Motorsport)
11th Kamil Holan (BMW Motorrad Czech Republic)
12th Ales Nechvatal (DAFIT Moto Racing)
17th David Datzer (Sportbike-Custom by Tuka Racing)
18th Jean-Pierre Polet (JPM Team)
22nd Wolfgang Brunner (Woife 999)

Race 2:

1st Vincent Lonbois (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Sébastien Le Grelle
5th Patrick Quintens
8th Petr Bičiště
11th Ales Nechvatal
14th David Datzer
17th Jean-Pierre Polet
18th Wolfgang Brunner
DNF Didier Grams
DNF Christian Wiesinger
DNF Kamil Holan

Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang

Superbike Race 1:

2nd Colin Butler (AP Racing)
12th Ahmad Abas
DNF Mohamad Nasr Mohamad Demajati

Superbike Race 2:

1st Colin Butler
11th Ahmad Abbas
14th Mohamad Nasr Mohamad Demajati

Superstock Race 1:

9th Dominic Chang (SportsRider Racing Team)
10th Nasarudin Mat Yusop (BMW Malaysia)
DNF Linggam Rammoo
DNF Abdul Aziz Al Ikram Yaakub

Superstock Race 2:

3rd Linggam Rammoo
6th Nasarudin Mat Yusop
14th Dominik Chang
DNF Abdul Aziz Al Ikram Yaakub