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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 20/07/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Victory honours and the first title

Overview of race action from the last few days

Another great set of results: the BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers competed in 11 races in Europe, North America and South America over the last few days. They recorded no fewer than eight wins on their BMW S 1000 RRs, and claimed a total of 15 podium finishes. One member of the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Racing family was also able to celebrate an early title win: Michal Prášek is champion of the Superstock class in the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR STK) once again.

On the Isle of Man, the next major street race took place in the Southern 100: the results for this race are part of the BMW Combined Road Race Challenge (BMW RRC) and are taken into account for the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. The RR riders competed in four races in this event – and Michael Dunlop won all four by a convincing margin on his Hawk Racing BMW S 1000 RR.

The fourth race weekend of the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) took place in Most, Czech Republic. Lukáš Pešek (BMW Motorrad CSEU) claimed a win and a second-place finish in the Superbike class (AARR SBK). Pešek is second overall, just seven points off the top.

Michal Prášek (Rohac and Fejta motoracing team) tied up all the loose ends in the Superstock class (AARR STK) in Most. Finishing in second and third was all the Czech rider required to claim the title early for the second year in succession. Best-placed BMW rider in this class was Marcin Walkowiak (Team LRP Poland), who recorded one win and a second-place finish.

Jordan Szoke (Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team) continued his sequence of victories in the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, Canada. He won both races once again and has now recorded 12 wins in a row with his BMW S 1000 RR, extending his overall lead in the championship. Szoke was joined on the podium by his BMW brand team-mate Ben Young (Ben Young Racing), who finished both races in third place.

Moving from North America to South America: the fourth race of the SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK) season took place in São Paulo. Championship leader Danilo Lewis (TecFil Racing Team) was prevented from claiming a fourth win in a row by the slightest of margins: he finished second, just 0.043 behind the winner.

The following section provides a summary of all results for BMW S 1000 RR riders from last weekend:

Southern 100 on the Isle of Man

Corlett’s Trophies 600ccm/1000ccm:

1st Michael Dunlop (Hawk Racing)
9th Mark Parrett
DNF Dominik Herbertson (WH racing)

Ellan Vannin Fuels Senior Race:

1st Michael Dunlop
5th Anthony Redmond
11th Dominic Herbertson
18th Andy Sellars

Manx Gas Solo Championship Race:

1st Michael Dunlop
9th Mark Parrett
10th Andy Redmond

Island Aggregates Senior Race:

1st Michael Dunlop
5th Mark Parrett
9th Dominic Herbertson

Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship in Most

Superbike Race 1:

2nd Lukáš Pešek (BMW Motorrad CSEU) (+ fastest race lap)
4th Miloš Cihak (IVRACING)
5th Martin Choy (BMW Motorrad CSEU)
7th Christopher Kemmer (Bertl K. Racing Team)
9th Patrick Dangl (Motofactory Racing Team)
10th Wolfgang Gammer (Heating-factory)
14th Pawel Gorka (BMW Motorrad Polska)
15th Michal Šembera (Golden Bros Racing Team)
17th Mariusz Kondratowicz (Motul Junak Kondratowicz Team)
19th Richard Balcar (IV Racing)
22nd Waldemar Chelkowski (BMW Motorrad Polska)
28th Piotr Kaluzka (Active Live Energy)
DNF Yasin Dogan (JRT Jutesan Racing Team)

Superbike Race 2:

1st Lukáš Pešek (+ fastest race lap)
4th Miloš Cihak
5th Martin Choy
6th Christopher Kemmer
8th Patrick Dangl
10th Wolfgang Gammer
13th Pawel Gorka
15th Michal Šembera
19th Richard Balcar
26th Waldemar Chelkowski
27th Piotr Kaluzka
DNF Mariusz Kondratowicz
DNS Yasin Dogan

Superstock Race 1:

1st Marcin Walkowiak (Team LRP Poland) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Michal Prášek (Rohac and Fejta motoracing team)
5th Marek Hartl (Dafitmotoracing)
9th Wojciech Wrobel (Dominator Racing Team)
11th Martin Tritscher
13th David Bozic (AMD Kranj)
14th Igor Nowacki (Paddock)
18th Rene Skalicky (Exteria BMW Team)
19th Vitos Lopinys (Adrenalinos centras)
20th Michal Bidas (Exteria BMW Team)
DNF Marcin Dabrowski (ninja-moto superbike team)

Superstock Race 2:

2nd Marcin Walkowiak (+ schnellste Rennrunde)
3rd Michal Prášek
4th Marek Hartl
10th Wojciech Wrobel
13th Martin Tritscher
14th Igor Nowacki
16th Michal Fojtik
17th Vitos Lopinys
20th Rene Skalicky
21st David Bozic
22nd Michal Bidas
23rd Marcin Dabrowski

Canadian Superbike Championship at the Atlantic Motorsport Park

Race 1:

1st Jordan Szoke (Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team) (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Ben Young (Ben Young Racing)
4th Michael Leon (Royal Distributing Racing Team)
7th Samuel Trépanier
DNF Reiner Griese

Race 2:

1st Jordan Szoke (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Ben Young
5th Michael Leon
9th Samuel Trépanier
15th Reiner Griese

SuperBike Series Brasil in São Paulo

2nd Danilo Lewis (TecFil Racing Team) (+ fastest race lap)
5th Diego Petrel (BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing)
8th Alex Borges (PRT – Pitico Racing Team)
24th Sebastiano Zerbo (BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing)
26th Mauricio Paludete (Sport Plus Racing)