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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany, 06/07/2016,

When the racing family meets up...

Racing bikes and racers at the BMW Motorrad Days

Last weekend, Garmisch-Partenkirchen was all about the BMW Motorrad Days. Thousands of visitors from around the world – most of them on motorbikes, of course – descended on the town in the Bavarian Alps to be part of the world’s largest BMW Motorrad festival.

There was no way BMW Motorrad Motorsport could miss out on visiting Garmisch too, as visitors were able to experience pure racing. The BMW Motorrad Motorsport truck presented them with the opportunity to take a close look at some of the BMW S 1000 RR racing bikes that are competing successfully at circuits around the world.

These included the Tyco BMW S 1000 RR that Ian Hutchinson rode to second place behind BMW racer Michael Dunlop in the Isle of Man Senior TT a few weeks ago and the show-bike of Althea BMW Racing rider Jordi Torres from the Superbike World Championship. His actual race bike is already in California’s Laguna Seca where the ninth round of the WorldSBK is held this coming weekend. The RR of the current leader of the Superbike IDM, Mathieu Gines, was also a part of the exhibition. In addition, team principal Rico Penzkofer brought two bikes from the Endurance World Championship, the number 13 RR of his Penz13.com – BMW Motorrad Team and the number 48 from team Voelpker NRT48 by Schubert Motors. NRT48 is currently the overall leader of the FIM Endurance World Cup.

Family reunion in Garmisch

The RR racing bikes were, of course, accompanied by the riders in Garmisch: Ian Hutchinson, Jordi Torres, Mathieu Gines and even Markus Reiterberger. He was in attendance despite his back injury – two weeks earlier, the Superbike World Championship rider had broken two vertebrae when taking a tumble in Misano – and stayed at the BMW Motorrad Days for a few hours.

“I am feeling better now and I had been looking forward to Garmisch for a long time. And, in any case, it was getting boring at home. So I got the OK from my doctor and came here,” said Reiterberger. “It was great to see Rico and Gordon Unger again, as I rode with them last season in the Endurance World Championship. And it was good to see the people of BMW Motorrad and BMW Motorrad Deutschland, who helped me along the way to the World Superbike Championship.”

Spectacular burn-outs in the arena, show racing at the Boxer Sprint Cup, or a traditional Bavarian meal in the beer tent: the guys had a lot of fun together. If there were no activities scheduled, the BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers used their free time for in-depth technical discussions.

“We don’t normally have the chance to meet up, as we are competing in different race series. So it is great to have the time for a chat, and to have some fun together,” said Gines, who was visiting the BMW Motorrad Days for the first time, as were Hutchinson and Torres. The Frenchman was surprised by the size of the festival: “It is great that so many BMW riders from all over the world meet up here. We racing riders love to see that too, as you can feel how many fans the brand has.”

A passion for BMW motorbikes

Isle of Man winner Hutchinson, who often visits motorcycle trade fairs, was also impressed: “It really is great – such a big event and it is all about BMW Motorrad. It is fantastic to see so many BMW riders and BMW fans around here. I was expecting it to be busy, but so busy? It is just great.”

Torres was also surprised by the size of the festival. The Spaniard was also delighted by the combination of attractions provided for visitors: “It is great, that there are so many different motorbikes here, you’ve got street bikes, touring bikes, race bikes and custom bikes. It is brilliant to see so many people who like so many different types of bike, and who are also spending the weekend together. The range of bikes is so large and fascinating. But the most important thing is that people come here to have fun, and to share their passion for motorbikes.”

The BMW racers now have to return to reality as competition returns this coming weekend: Torres is competing in the Superbike World Championship at Laguna Seca, Hutchinson in the British Superbike Championship at Snetterton, and Gines in the Superbike IDM at Zolder.