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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Gers, France, 15/06/2016,

It’s a family affair

An interview with Cyril and Florian Brunet-Lugardon

They both race the BMW S 1000 RR, they both compete successfully in the French European Bikes Championship – and they are brothers: Cyril and Florian Brunet-Lugardon. They are passionate racers, they live racing as a family business and they are always good for a laugh.

Thirty-year old Cyril is the older one, Florian is 26 years old. Since 2014, the two brothers from southern France have competed with their Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise team BMW S 1000 RRs in the French European Bikes Championship. In the first year, Cyril was runner-up in the championship classification, while last season Florian was second overall and Cyril third. Both of them have also been participating in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy since its inaugural 2014 season. Last year, they were eighth (Florian) and tenth (Cyril) in the Race Trophy standings.

Like parents, like sons

Question: “You are both motorcycle racers – is motorcycling or racing a family tradition?”

Florian Brunet-Lugardon: “Our dad has always been a big fan of motorcycle racing, and he has taken our mother out for rides on his bike since she was 15 years old. They regularly rode, together with friends, with the motorcycle to Grand Prix events in France and Spain. And they always brought back a lot of MotoGP gifts for us, like The-Doctor-Rossi caps, Gibernau shirts, a sculpture of Kevin Schwantz and so on.”

Cyril Brunet-Lugardon: “So the passion came automatically. And the fact that we lived close to a race track – Paul Armagnac in Nogaro – just accelerated our desire to become race riders!”

Question: “In what series have you raced before you came to French European Bikes?”

Cyril: “I raced in different 600cc categories for seven seasons. Then, from 2011 to 2013, I competed on a Superstock bike in the French Superbike Championship. It was a dream to race in that category, but there was a disadvantage in regards of engine performance compared to the bikes of other brands. Then in 2014, I changed to BMW and went into the French European Bikes Championship.”

Florian: “I started in the 125cc category when I was 14 years old and raced there for two seasons. Then I began to race with my brother in the 600cc categories. In the beginning he helped me a lot and always said: ‘follow the guide!’ … Until I passed him for the first time one year later (laughs). After three seasons in the 600cc category, I changed to the French Superbike Championship. And, like my brother, I have raced in the French European Bikes Championship since 2014.”

The family is always together

Question: “Is it a family affair? Is your family always around with you at the race tracks?”

Cyril: “Since the beginning, our family has always come to every race with us. And now, our girl friends come with us to the track, too. So yes, it definitely is a family affair.”

Question: “You are not only brothers but seem to be really good friends. Is this the case?”

Florian: “Yes, we definitely are. This is also a very good thing about our racing together: we are working in different cities, but the races bring our family together and we can spend a lot of time together at the circuits.”

Question: “So what are your occupations?”

Cyril: “I am technically responsible for a Spa company – you know, these products that make the water bubble.”

Florian: “I am a development engineer for a big automotive company, I am developing sensors and those things.”

Question: “How close do you work together at tests and in the garage in preparing the bikes?”

Cyril: “We do all tests and preparation work together and together with our parents.”

Florian: “Cyril is now a real expert in fairing repairs.“ (smiles)

Question: “You are brothers and you are team-mates, but how is your relationship during the races on track? How is your approach when competing in races being brothers?”

Cyril: “From a technical point of view, we are very similar regarding our riding style and settings.”

Florian: “Yes, Cyril can even do exactly the same lap times as me when riding without the seat! For him it is not so important to have good lap times, he is a showman (laughs)! For me, I need a good set-up to be fast, so without the seat I could go back home directly.” (laughs)

Cyril: “No, let’s get serious again. Actually, racing is now much more tactical than it was in the past. So being two makes us stronger. And sometimes it is good fun to do race strategy.”

Florian: “Yes, but at the end, the faster one is in front of the other.”

Cyril: “Yes – except sometimes!” (both laugh)

(Note from the editor: In 2015, Cyril crashed in the Le Vigeant race. He finished the race without the seat and crossed the line in 11th despite this disadvantage.)

When two brothers race each other

Question: “That sounds like you have a lot of fun racing together. Are there any special races you still talk about – and maybe even laugh about when you remember it?”

Cyril: “Yes, Le Mans 2015, when I was leading with an advantage of seven seconds with three laps to go and then my brother just passed me at the chequered flag!”

Florian: (laughs): “Yes, he turned his head to check where his rivals are. And I was there! And boom: I finished 0.079 seconds in front of him. This was my first victory! And on top it was my birthday.”

Cyril: “Yes, and everybody thought that I gave him the victory as a present. But not at all!”

Florian: “I was just the fastest on the final three laps and you did not check your pit board!” (both laugh)

The second family: The BMW Motorrad Motorsport community

Question: “You have been taking part in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy since the first season in 2014. What do you like about the Race Trophy?"

Florian: “The Race Trophy is a great concept and it is based on the passion of the riders, the organisers of the Race Trophy and the developers of the BMW S 1000 RR – everyone who lives the passion for motorcycles. And it is great that you are part of a big family, that this big family is following you and supports you.”

Question: “In 2014, Cyril was in the Top-15 of the Race Trophy, in 2015, you were both in the Top-15. How did you invest the prize money?”

Cyril: “We invested everything in two new 2016 versions of the BMW S 1000 RR, to be as best prepared as possible for the new season.”

Question: “What are your hobbies and interests apart from racing?”

Cyril: “Everything that brings adrenaline!” Florian: “Well – racing! Karting, motocross, running or whatever with competition.“

Question: “Could each one of you describe the other one?”

Cyril: “Florian is persevering, strong and very, very, very technical.”

Florian: “Cyril is fast with every set-up, even without the seat! He is physically very strong and scares everybody on a race track with his combativeness. You should never think that you can beat Cyril on a motorbike on the last laps. You will for sure lose.”