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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Gemany, 08/06/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Dunlop and Hutchinson dominant

An overview of the weekend's results

It was a weekend of mixed feelings: The BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers brought home further wins and podium positions in a number of championships, including dominant successes on the Isle of Man. However, the racing action was overshadowed by several fatal accidents, in which Paul Shoesmith, a member of the BMW family, was one of the victims. He had an accident during a practice lap on a 600 cc Honda on the Isle of Man on Saturday, after having just competed in the Superbike race on the BMW S 1000 RR.

The 1000 cc category at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy was dominated by the two BMW riders Michael Dunlop and Ian Hutchinson. They outdid each other with new lap records. In the Superbike race on Saturday, Dunlop triumphed over Hutchinson; in the Superstock race on Monday, Hutchinson won with an advantage of 27 seconds over his rival. The closing race for 1000 cc bikes, the Senior TT, will be held on Friday.

The third event of the season in the Superbike IDM / International German Championship (IDM) was held at the Lausitzring. In the first race on Saturday, Mathieu Gines secured the win in the Superbike class (IDM SBK) on his Van Zon-Remeha BMW S 1000 RR, which saw him extend his lead in the overall standings. Gines crossed the line in second place overall, behind Superstock rider Danny De Boer. The second race on Sunday afternoon was aborted after just a few laps due to a heavy thunderstorm with torrential rain and was not classified. Gines was in the lead when the red flag was brought out. There was a lot of rubber on the track since four car racing series also held their races at the Lausitzring as part of the Motorsport Festival. After the rain, this made the surface too slippery for motorcycles and race control decided not to restart the race for safety reasons.

The Pannoniaring in Hungary hosted the second round of the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) season. In the Superbike class (AARR SBK), BMW rider Martin Choy finished on the podium in third place in both races. Fellow BMW rider Michal Prášek brought home a double victory in the Superstock class (IDM STK). In race one, Martin Tritscher in second place joined winner Prášek on the podium. In the second race, Marcin Walkowiak secured second place.

In Brazil, the organisers of the Moto 1000 GP (MT1GP) cancelled this season's race events. The series has been part of the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy since 2015. Those responsible for the series announced that, unfortunately, the current economic situation in Brazil meant that they had to make the decision not to hold any races this year.

Below an overview of all of the BMW riders' results from the weekend:

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

Superbike Race:

1st Michael Dunlop (Hawk Racing) (+ new lap record)
2nd Ian Hutchinson (Tyco BMW)
6th Michael Rutter (Bathams SMT Racing)
9th Gary Johnson (Team Penz 13.com BMW Motorrad)
10th Lee Johnston (East Coast Construction / Burdens)
17th Martin Jessopp (Riders Motorcycles BMW)
18th James Cowton (Cowton racing by Radcliffes)
23rd Sam West (Ice Valley Four Anjels Racing)
24th John Ingram (Pipe Werx BMW)
26th Derek McGee (NW Racing)
28th Dominic Herbertson (WH racing)
29th Paul Shoesmith (Ice Valley Four Anjels)
30th Jim Hodson (JGH Racing/CRUK)
32nd Mark Parrett (C & C Ltd IOM)
34th Ian Pattinson (Weardale Racing Ltd)
35th Kamil Holan (IVR BMW Motorrad CSEU)
36th Philip Crowe (Hardtrans / Fleetwood Grab / Sheff)
39th David Hewson (Obsession Engineering)
41st Eric Wilson (PRB Econoloft Racing)
42nd Anthony Redmond (Green Ant Racing)
47th Alessandro Polita (Penz 13 Racing)
49th Hudson Kennaugh (RST / Spoor-Tech)

Superstock Race:

1st Ian Hutchinson (+ new lap record)
4th Michael Rutter
5th Gary Johnson
9th David Johnson
15th Sam West
20th John Ingram
21st Kamil Holan
24th Hudson Kennaugh
25th Jim Hodson
27th Danny Webb
28th Marco Pagani (Team Franciacorta Corse by TOP C)
29th Ian Pattinson
32nd Dominic Herbertson (DYNOBIKE)
35th David Hewson
36th Anthony Redmond
38th Philip Crowe
40th Alessandro Polita
45th Eric Wilson DNF Michael Dunlop

Superbike IDM / International German Championship at the Lausitzring

Race 1:

2nd Mathieu Gines (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) (+ fastest race lap) (1st SBK class)
9th Marco Nekvasil (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) (5th STK class)
11th Bastien Mackels (Wilbers-BMW-Racing) (6th SBK class)
12th Pepijn Bijsterbosch (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) (6th STK class)
13th Dominik Vincon (BMW Stilgenbauer) (7th STK class)
16th Ireneusz Sikora (Wilbers-BMW-Racing) (7th SBK class)
19th Marc Neumann (Neumann Racing) (12th STK class)
20th Andrzej Pawelec (BMW Sikora) (13th STK class)
21st Florian Hüsler (Moto Meile) (14th STK class)
22nd Björn Stuppi (Team Bergau) (15th STK class)
23rd Arnaud Friedrich (penz13.com) (16th STK class)
24th Philipp Gengelbach (Gengelbach Motorsport) (17th STK class) DNF Michal Filla (BMW Sikora Motorsport)

Race 2:

Red-flagged due to thunderstorms and not classified

Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship at the Pannoniaring

Superbike Race 1:

3rd Martin Choy (BMW Motorrad CSEU)
6th Miloš Cihak (BMW Motorrad CSEU)
7th Wolfgang Gammer (Heating-factory)
9th Patrick Dangl (Motofactory Racing Team)
12th Michal Šembera (Golden Bros Racing Team)
14th Christopher Kemmer (Bertl K. Racing Team)
21st Mariusz Kondratowicz (Motul Junak Kondratowicz Team)
22nd Piotr Prendota (LRP Poland)
24th Pawel Gorka (BMW Motorrad Polska)
26th Richard Balcar (BMW Motorrad CSEU)
27th Waldemar Chelkowski (GKM Baltyk Gdynia)
31st Piotr Kaluzka (Active Live Energy)
DNF Georg Moser (HK Motors)
DNF Yasin Dogan (JRT Jutesan Racing Team)
DNF Christian Wiesinger (PSV-Wels)
DNS Sabine Holbrook (Sabine3racing)
DNS Lukáš Pešek (BMW Motorrad CSEU)

Superbike Race 2:

3rd Martin Choy
7th Patrick Dangl
10th Michal Šembera
12th Pawel Gorka
13th Wolfgang Gammer
15th Christian Wiesinger
17th Mariusz Kondratowicz
18th Richard Balcar
19th Piotr Prendota
20th Waldemar Chelkowski
24th Piotr Kaluzka
DNF Georg Moser
DNF Yasin Dogan
DNF Miloš Cihak
DNF Christopher Kemmer
DNS Sabine Holbrook
DNS Lukáš Pešek

Superstock Race 1:

1st Michal Prášek (Rohac and Fejta motoracing team)
3rd Martin Tritscher
4th Marcin Walkowiak (Team LRP Poland) (+ fastest race lap)
8th Marek Hartl (Dafitmotorracing)
11th Wojciech Wrobel (Dominator Racing Team)
13th David Bozic (Carman Motosport)
14th Mario Bacher
17th Tomasz Serafin (BMW Motorrad Polska)
19th Mitja Lesjak (BMW AMD Trebnje)
20th Vitas Lopinys (Adrenalino centras)
21st Michael Fojtik (Exteria BMW Team)
23rd Igor Nowacki (Paddock)
24th Rene Skalicky (Exteria BMW Team)
DNF Catalin Cazacu (Taifun Racing Team)
DNF Marcin Dabrowski (ninja-moto-superbike-team)
DNF Michal Bidas (Exteria BMW Team)

Superstock Race 2:

1st Michal Prášek
2nd Marcin Walkowiak (+ fastest race lap)
7th Martin Tritscher
8th Marek Hartl
11th Wojciech Wrobel
12th Catalin Cazacu
14th Mitja Lesjak
15th Mario Bacher
18th Igor Nowacki
19th Vitas Lopinys
20th Michael Fojtik
22nd Rene Skalicky
24th Marcin Dabrowski
25th Michal Bidas
DNF David Bozic
DNF Tomasz Serafin

MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Series in Road America/Elkhart Lake

Race 1:

14th Steve Rapp (Scheibe Racing)
19th Jeremy Cook (Dead Presidents Racing)
DNS Stefan Dolipski (TSE Racing / Team Germany)

Race 2:

11th Steve Rapp
17th Jeremy Cook
DNS Stefan Dolipski

Australian Superbike Championship in Barbagallo

Race 1:

DNF Raj Sarim (RAM Motorsport)

Race 2:

DNF Raj Sarim