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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Coleraine, Northern Ireland and Oss, the Netherlands, 18/05/2016, BMW Road Race Challenge

“Commuting” on the RR

Coleraine up to Saturday, Oss from Sunday

What do you do when, as a racer, two important racing events – over 1,000 kilometres from each other – clash on the same weekend? No problem for BMW riders Didier Grams and Petr Bičiště: they simply rolled up their sleeves and raced at both. First up was the North West 200 in Northern Ireland, then on to the races in the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) in Oss, Netherlands.

Their journey began on Sunday 8th May with a flight to Northern Ireland. This was followed by practice sessions, qualifying and then the North West 200 race day at the Triangle circuit around Coleraine on Saturday. Grams took his place among a strong field of road racing stars, and finished ninth in the Superbike race on the Heidiger Motorsport.de BMW S 1000 RR. “A sensational result. My team played a huge role, so thank you to them for the success,” said the 33-year-old German. His team-mate Bičiště came home 19th.

Racetrack, plane, pole-position, podium

The duo had little time to recover from their exertions in Northern Ireland. The next day, early on Sunday morning, they boarded a plane for the Netherlands. Both riders missed the first practice session of the IRRC in Oss, but that did not appear to be too much of a problem.

As soon as they arrived, Grams mounted his G&G Motorsport BMW S 1000 RR and promptly secured pole position for the two Superbike races on Whit Monday. Bičiště qualified sixth on the Kimura Racing Team’s RR.

On Monday, Grams finished third behind fellow BMW riders Vincent Lonbois and Sébastien Le Grelle – a successful end to a long week of racing. Bičiště also claimed two top-eight results, coming home seventh and eighth.