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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Le Mans, 01/04/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

BMW rider Emeric Jonchière takes over at the top of the French Superbike Championship

Jonchière celebrates a second and a race win

It was a hugely productive weekend for BMW Motorrad Motorsport and the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy 2015 riders. In France, the French Superbike Championship (FSBK) and the French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) BMW riders enjoyed success.

FSBK: Jonchière wins his class and takes overall lead

Emeric Jonchière had everything under control in the Superstock class of the FSBK at Le Mans last weekend: He finished in second position in the first race and went one better in the second with a victory, as he returned from a five-year break in the French Championship. “I am more than happy with this first race weekend and the exceptional results”, Jonchière commented.

Rain, the cold and strong winds made proceedings difficult, but Jonchière was not be deterred by that. As most of the favourites crashed out in both Superbike races, he stayed upright and took third and second place in each race.

With that Jonchière also took the lead in the overall FSBK championship rankings. The ERT BMW Motorrad Club France rider is leading the reigning Endurance World Champion Kenny Foray and last year’s Superstock Champion Gregg Glack, and is also in front of defending Endurance World Champion David Checa. He is leading the Superstock class as well.

BMW Motorrad Club France team-mate Camille Hedelin took a third in the first Superstock encounter, but had to accept a DNF in the second race. Emilien Jaillet, the team’s third rider, crashed in the first race and secured ninth in the second.

FR EU: Five out of six podiums for BMW riders

The French European Bikes Championship (FR EU), which is solely for European manufactured motorbikes, also celebrated it’s season start at Le Mans last weekend. The campaign opener was dominated by BMW riders.

The first race was won by Florian Brunet-Lugardon, in front of his brother Cyril. It was a career-first podium for Florian Brunet-Lugardon, and with it a first win. “This has been something very special”, he was more than happy to declare. “It also was the first time I was asked to sign pictures.” Third spot on the podium went to Michel Amalric, making it a 1-2-3 for BMW.

Amalric took second spot in the second race and was the highest placed BMW. He finished in front of fellow BMW rider Madjid Idres.

The second race saw drama between the Brunet-Lugardon brothers, as they made contact with one other during a close battle. Cyril dropped down the order to the back of the pack, but fought his way back to a strong sixth placed finish.