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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

München, 21/10/2014, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

BMW Motorrad Motorsport boosts communication of Race Trophy

BMW privateer riders are in action on their S 1000 RR and HP4 machines and represent the BMW brand on almost every weekend of the motorsport season on race tracks around the world. The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy unites them in a worldwide racing series, in which the best BMW privateer rider is ultimately selected and rewarded with a substantial sum of prize money for their excellent performance.

The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is, above everything else, one thing: exciting race action in series! We at BMW Motorrad Motorsport want to use the opportunity to inform the fans, experts, sponsors and the media about this unique series and the talented competitors and the events on the race tracks.

New Website: motorsport.bmw-motorrad.com

This is why we intensify with immediate effect the communication of the Race Trophy, HP Race Support and the other activities of BMW Motorrad Motorsport. Fans, team bosses, experts, sponsors and the media can discover what happened in the national and international Race Trophy events by visiting our new website www.bmw-motorrad.com/motorsport and in our weekly newsletter.

Where did the RR and HP4 riders win? Where were there nail-biting duels? And more especially: which highs and lows did the BMW riders experience on the race tracks and which challenges did they face?

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