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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 30/03/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Perfectly trained by experts

Technical training courses with the specialists of the HP Race Support

Among the many offers from the successful international customer sport programme of BMW Motorrad Motorsport and of the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy are intensive training courses for riders, team technicians and BMW dealers around the world. These workshops enable the customers to further exploit the full potential of their BMW S 1000 RR race machines, while, at the same time, the global network of BMW Motorrad Motorsport experts in the national markets is growing further.  

Last week, two two-day training courses were held at the BMW Group Training Academy in Unterschleißheim near Munich. They were attended by racing teams and BMW employees from Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden and the US. They were trained in two groups of 15 participants each. The specialists from BMW Motorrad Motorsport provided detailed information on the sophisticated technology on the BMW S 1000 RR, as well as the racing software provided by BMW Motorrad Motorsport, the HP Race Calibration Kit, the HP Race Power Kit and the Data Logger.

Important pillar of the customer support

“To train the teams and the local BMW dealers in the technology and set-up of the RR is an important pillar in our support for our customers,” explained Berthold Hauser, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Technical Director. “With these training courses, we can directly pass our expertise and the experience our specialists have from many years in international racing on to our customers. Participants in these training courses learn how to set-up the bike’s electronics for race outings and how to optimise the mechanical set-up, for example, in the chassis area. The riders and teams can put this knowledge into practice on their RRs. The BMW dealers, who are the main contact partners for our teams in the national markets, are provided with a know-how with which to support their customers on site when required.”  

“At BMW Motorrad Motorsport, it is our philosophy to be a close and strong partner of our customers and to offer them the most comprehensive support,” said Uwe Geyer, Head of BMW Motorrad Motorsport Marketing. “This is, what the BMW Motorrad Motorsport family is about – sharing the fascination of racing and working closely together to be successful all around the world. These courses are very much appreciated by our customers all around the globe. This goes not only for the training courses we organise here in Munich, but also for the workshops we directly hold in some national markets: Australia, South Africa and Thailand. As a result, our worldwide BMW Motorrad Motorsport family becomes strengthened further. It was great to see BMW teams and employees from so many different countries coming together here in Munich.”  

In 2016 more workshops are scheduled for the coming months in Great Britain, Malaysia and additional countries.