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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 09/03/2016, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

There for every customer

Extensive support around the world

At BMW Motorrad Motorsport, the focus is on the customers – it makes no difference whether they are racing with the BMW S 1000 RR on the international stage, such as in world championships, or in national competitions. The experts from HP Race Support are on hand to offer comprehensive assistance and support to all racing customers around the world. The specialists from Munich are once again travelling the world to help BMW customer teams and riders to get the very most out of the RR.
“Our philosophy is to actively support our customers as a partner in all of the wide range of championships – not just to be a manufacturer who sells them a bike and then leaves them to it,” stressed Berthold Hauser, Technical Director of BMW Motorrad Motorsport. In line with this philosophy, HP Race Support offers extensive support in all facets and areas. Customers all over the world can call on this support. When they do, they receive exactly the support they desire and require.

World championship or national series: support tailored to meet every requirement

Riders and teams compete with the BMW S 1000 RR in countless international and national championships. This means many different regulations, which require the engineers and technicians to make modifications to software and set-ups. However, this is no problem for the specialists at HP Race Support – their know-how and wealth of experience means they are capable of meeting any specific demands and requirements, and of offering customised support.
The opening round of the 2016 season is a fine example of just how varied the tasks are facing the experts at HP Race Support. The new season is already underway in two racing series: in the top class, the FIM Superbike World Championship (WSBK), and in one of the many national championships, the South African SuperGP Champions Trophy (RSA SBK) in South Africa. The experts from HP Race Support were at Phillip Island in Australia for the season-opener in the WSBK, as well as at the Red Star Raceway in South Africa for race one of the RSA SBK.
“Our two customer teams in the Superbike World Championship, the Althea BMW Racing team and Milwaukee BMW, are working closely with us and taking advantage of the on-site support we offer,” said Hauser. “Both teams have many years of experience in international professional motor racing. Althea has won the title in the Superbike World Championship in the past, while Milwaukee BMW is the reigning champion in the fiercely competitive British Superbike Championship. Having won the title in the BSB SBK last year, they have now stepped up into the international pinnacle of Superbike racing. We supported them with a team of specialists at the opening round in Australia.

“The big challenge there was to meet the very specific desires and demands of two top teams when it came to technology,” Hauser continued. “At this level, the different riding styles also play a significant role in establishing how to implement the individual solutions. As well as the hard technical facts, the way that top teams like these work is also a very decisive factor. You have to have a lot of empathy and understanding, in order to find the right approaches together. A melting pot of measures for technical solutions is definitely counterproductive and would result in a failure of HP Race Support’s mission to assist teams and riders. The revision of the regulations in 2015 was the first step towards reducing the leeway for tuning and thus restricting the way that a production vehicle can be modified into a racing bike. This initially leads to significant cost savings and clearer technical variants, which allows customer teams in the top class to get closer to the works teams. This, in turn, really makes the WSBK more exciting, as it makes it a more level playing field.”
The RSA SBK is a classic example of the many national championships on every continent, in which BMW customers race with the RR. The regulations require the bikes to be heavily based on production vehicles and are based on the FIM Superstock regulations. Despite this, there are still many opportunities to make specific modifications and optimisations in the fields of electronics and chassis. Here, HP Race Support helps to exhaust these opportunities and maximise the performance of the RR. The support is fully tailored to the specific needs of the customers in the national championships.
HP Race Support engineer Kurt Böck, who will accompany BMW teams in many national championships and was in South Africa for the start of the series, explains the form this tailored support can take: “The priority for the teams and riders competing with the RR for the first time this season was to explain the bike and software, to work together with them to establish a basic electronic and mechanical set-up, and then to optimise this. In the case of the more experienced teams, who have been racing with the RR for longer, we help make detailed modifications to improve lap times and maximise performance. The feedback from the teams has been very positive: the general opinion was, and is repeatedly, that the support is very helpful and that everyone now has a very good basic set-up for the rest of the season.”

Comprehensive training all over the world

The extensive customer racing programme also includes intensive training courses for riders, team technicians and dealers around the world. These training courses provide detailed information on the sophisticated technology on the BMW S 1000 RR, as well as the racing software provided by BMW Motorrad Motorsport, the HP Race Calibration Kit, the HP Race Power Kit and the Data Logger. Participants learn how to set-up the bike’s electronics for race outings and how to optimise the mechanical set-up, for example in the chassis area. The riders and teams can put this knowledge into practice on their RRs. This know-how provides dealers with a basis, with which to support their customers on site when required.
These training courses are offered by experts all over the world. On the one hand in Munich itself, where participants assemble from many countries – even travelling from as far as Japan. On the other hand, the specialists at HP Race Support travel the world to offer these training courses on site. Courses have already been held in Russia and, within the past few weeks, in Australia and South Africa. A course is due to be held in Malaysia shortly. More dates are planned.

Expert care for the entire season 

Every rider who races on the BMW S 1000 RR can rest assured of one thing: HP Race Support will support them throughout the entire season – regardless of which series they are competing in, or the standard, and regardless of which area support is required in. “That makes no difference to us,” stressed Hauser.
Whether a customer team in the world championship, a participant in a national championship, or a Racing4Fun customer: anyone can call on HP Race Support, and every enquiry is handled in the same way. The experts from Munich offer on-site support at the racetrack, as well as unbureaucratic assistance on the phone and by E-mail. This way, everyone is guaranteed the support they need. 

You can find more information on the range of services provided by HP Race Support at the link below.