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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, 19/02/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

More racing series’, more prize money, new points system

Four new racing series’ and the new BMW Road Race Challenge

BMW Motorrad has created a unique customer racing project in the form of the Race Trophy. The brand with the propeller became the first manufacturer ever to organise an international competition for the 2014 season, after which the best privateer BMW riders are rewarded a generous sum of prize money. With 69 participants, the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy was a resounding success in its inaugural season in 2014.

In 2015, BMW Motorrad adds further elements to the only worldwide championship for BMW S 1000 RR and HP4 riders, and sidecars with BMW engines: four additional racing series’ and a road racing class are added.

To take into account the races that were held in Brazil and South Africa after the 2014 trophy season concluded, the qualification period for the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy 2015 was extended from 17.11.2014 to 22.11.2015.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport Marketing Director Udo Mark explained: “With the Race Trophy, we aim to offer a truly international competition. Needless to say, we followed our customers’ suggestions when selecting the additional racing series’.”

Increasing popularity of road races taken into account

Consequently, BMW S 1000 RR or HP4 riders contesting the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, the Australian-Asian and Malaysian Championship as well as the American Championship can register for the Race Trophy in 2015.

In addition, BMW Motorrad is delighted about the increasing popularity of road races. After the Macau Grand Prix and Isle of Man TT were integrated into the classification as separate races last year, the category BMW Combined Road Race Challenge, in which both the classics as well as the North West 200 and Ulster GP are grouped, forms a ‘unique series’ for 2015. Consequently, the same rating matrix applies to the road racers success as it does for the other Race Trophy participants.

Adaptive points system for even greater parity

A new adaptive points system provides even greater parity this year. After all, every racing series’ has its own rules, and different regulations affect a different quantity of races with various classes and levels of competitiveness.

In 2015, every rider can score a maximum of 500 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy points in a minimum of eight races. The points are made up of 400 race and 100 extra points.

A different number of dropped scores, subject to the number of races, ensures a fair and open competition. This rule excludes the FIM Endurance World Championship, for which different numbers of points are awarded subject to the race duration.

Udo Mark commented: “With the Race Trophy’s development and the further improved points system, we aim to take into account the efforts of our riders and teams in the various classes and racing series. The adaptive points system allows us to ensure parity, even if any unforeseen events occur that we cannot influence – such as a race being cancelled or postponed. The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy produces outstanding racing. It unites every BMW Motorrad racer throughout the entire world. For this reason, it is our absolute priority to provide an exciting and fair competition.”

Bonus points for titles, poles and BMW Motorrad stickers

In addition to the points scored for the races themselves, participants can earn up to 100 extra points by the end of the competition: 40 for a championship title in the respective class, up to a maximum of 30 points for a pole position and another 30 if the BMW Motorrad Motorsport stickers, delivered with the registration, are displayed on the bike during the entire season. “The riders fly the flag for BMW Motorrad with the stickers. Our common forwarder as it were. And we are happy to reward this,” says Udo Mark.

Additional prize money for Champions and championship winning teams

The best 15 Race Trophy participants are awarded a generous amount of prize money at the end of the year. In addition to the 100,000 Euro, BMW Motorrad hands out 2,500 Euro to every rider who wins the championship in their class, and awards 7,500 Euro to every team to clinch a title.

Extremely important for Udo Mark: “It’s of great importance to us this season, to support the teams behind the drivers. After all, motorsport is a team sport and great results are only possible together.”

The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy’s new adaptive points system guarantees something more: like last year, the race for victory goes down to the wire. Because although the preliminary results are calculated and published after every race weekend, the additional points are only awarded after the competition has closed. Excitement down to the wire. This is the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.


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