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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, 11/02/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Top performance, perfect set-up

Best performance with the perfect set-up

Driving ability, the correct strategy, personal fitness, well-rehearsed mechanics – a great many requirements must be fulfilled to enjoy the spoils of victory as motorbike racer or team on the race track. With this in mind, it is often mere hundredths of a second that make the difference between victory and defeat.

So, what is the secret behind extracting the last ounce of performance required to win? What can a motorbike racer or team boss still do to stay one-step ahead at the chequered flag?

The answer is crystal clear for BMW Motorrad Motorsport customers: with the S 1000 RR or HP4, they can rely on the backing of HP Race Support. HP Race Support is a team of motorsport experts that is always on hand to provide national and international customer teams of BMW Motorrad with professional support and plenty of expert knowledge. Regardless of whether it’s a question of suspension set-up, electronics or race strategy. Because exploiting the full potential of all BMW motorbikes is tantamount to more performance.

Always up to date

From suspension set-up to engine mapping, and on to race strategy and electronic settings: the HP Race Support engineers are all experienced experts when it comes to winning races. They all possess years of experience in international motorbike racing and in Formula 1. They eagerly answer any question about traction and wheelie control, engine braking, the DDC damper control or also queries about optimum use of the new user modes on the brand new S 1000 RR.

The close cooperation between the HP Race Support experts and the BMW Motorrad development department is a decisive advantage. Berthold Hauser, Technical Director of BMW Motorrad Motorsport and responsible for HP Race Support worldwide explains: “With HP Race Support, we want to ensure that our customers around the world extract their full potential. We are fully integrated in the development of the S 1000 RR and can therefore pass on technical details directly to the teams.”

Standard packages are supplemented by bespoke offers

Because every racing series has unique regulations and every racer and every team makes completely different demands, HP Race Support offers special bespoke support packages in addition to the standard packages ‘Sport’, ‘Race’, ‘Pro’ and ‘Championship’.

Bespoke support is the recipe for success for Berthold Hauser: “The people at HP Race Support know only too well that every team works differently, every rider has other strengths and every racing series makes its own special demands. The teams and riders are repeatedly faced with new challenges. For this reason, we offer the standard packages as a starting point, but also put together additional bespoke packages for almost every cooperation. So, the standard packages function as orientation, but can be extended at any time to suit specific wishes.”

Excellent results with the BMW Motorrad HP Race Support

Last season’s victories and results show that the support provided by the BMW Motorrad HP Race Support experts is first class. With the information and advice given by HP Race Support, Michael Dunlop took the historical victory for a BMW machine after 75 years at the Isle of Man TT. At Oschersleben, the Penz13.com team claimed the first pole positon for a Superstock machine in the Endurance World Championship.

Matthieu Lussiana secured the Brazilian Superbike Championship title with help from the HP Race Support experts. The Van Zon-Remeha-BMW team did not only take third overall with Markus Reiterberger in the Superbike class of the International German Championship IDM, but also won the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy with help and advice from HP Race Support.

Berthold Hauser summarises: “For our customers, it’s a question of finding the perfect set-up at every single race weekend and to be fully competitive in all possible conditions. To this end, they can rely on our support, because our teams are our brand ambassadors on the race tracks around the globe. And therefore fly the flag for BMW Motorrad on every continent.”