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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, 27/01/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Janine Davies: Writing history with the RR

Female pioneer on two wheels

With third place in the Super M class of the opening South African Motorcycle Championship (SAM) race in 2014, Janine Davies made history when she became the first woman on the podium of this coveted racing series. In fact, this was her very first race weekend on the S 1000 RR. Although the 25-year old racer had never dreamt of racing a 1000 cubic Superbike, she switched to the big machines in 2014. In this interview, Davies talks about the reasons behind and her aims for 2015.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: You are the first woman ever to mount the podium in the South African Motorcycle Championship. How does it feel to be such a pioneer?

Davies: It feels fantastic. I never thought I would race a 1000 cubic machine, however, with this result, the men have had a taste of what I can do and I am looking forward to more great battles in 2015.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: What is your target for 2015?

Davies: To race again in the Super M class of the SAM, my goal is to finish in the top 3 of the championship.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: 2014 was your first year on the BMW S 1000 RR. When and how did you decide to change?

Davies: As I already mentioned, I never ever thought I would switch to the big bikes. However, when I got the chance to ride the BMW at the FIM Women’s Training Camp in Albacete in autumn 2013, I thought it was the most incredible bike. I love the power and not forgetting the technology behind the BMW that helps me becoming a better rider. By the way, I really hope that I can attend the training camp again this year and ride and catch up with the other women who race around the world. It was the most incredible weekend.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Which requirements does a bike need to suit you a as a female racer?

Davies: Actually, I don’t have any special preferences to be honest. My bike is fully race-prepped. For me, it’s more about feeling the bike itself and how it gels with me. That’s why I love my BMW. It suits me perfectly. I am counting down the days to get on the new RR. It’ll be so exciting.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: You finished 6th overall last season and suffered a serious highsider at the last round in Zwartkops. Have you fully recovered, and do you feel fit for 2015?

Davies: The crash was obviously a setback. I suffered injuries to my elbow and was concussed. I feel better now and look forward to the start of the season. I missed out on a better result last year due to the crash, after doing so well at the start of the season. However, this year I’ll be racing with nothing but the championship in mind. I really want to go for it.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: How do you keep yourself motivated after such a setback?

Davies: My will to win is unbreakable. I aim to prove that women in a predominantly male dominated sport like this can be just as good and competitive.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Where do you want to improve in the forthcoming season?

Davies: Off the track, I need to improve on my strength and fitness. On track the most important thing is learning about the bike. As I will be riding the new BMW, I’m really looking forward to learning more about the many technical innovations like the additional riding modes and the improved suspension.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Who will be your fiercest competitors?

Davies: As far as I know, there will be some new competitors this year, as some have moved on to other categories. So, as it stands now, it’s always difficult to say before the first race who’ll be at the front. I’d rather wait and see what happens in the first race.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: What advice would you give other women who want to follow your footsteps and participate in professional racing?

Davies: Go for it. Nothing is stopping you. And never give up. Sometimes it’s hard – especially when you crash. But just remember always get up again.

Thanks for this interview. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.