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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, 21/01/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

BMW Motorrad Race Trophy 2015: Even more championships, even more participants

A worldwide network

The very first year of the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy was an incredible season. Racers from all around the world fought among themselves for the title of best privateer BMW Motorrad rider in 206 races on 62 race tracks in 15 racing series’ and 19 countries on six continents. However, the end of the road has by no means been reached. 2015 will be even better. BMW Motorrad Motorsport Marketing Director Udo Mark gives a brief summary of the innovations.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: In 2014, 69 male and female riders representing 20 countries registered for the Race Trophy. How many will there be in 2015?

Udo Mark: Our initial goal for 2015 is of course to have more participants for the Race Trophy than in 2015. We will definitely reach this target, because with the additional championships incorporated in the Race Trophy 2015 regulations we will now include almost 270 races in as many as 30 nations on more than 80 race tracks. We aim to establish the Race Trophy as a genuine worldwide competition. With this in mind, nothing should stop the number of participants increasing by approximately 20 per cent.

A date for BMW Motorrad riders: Don’t miss the registration deadline!

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Why should a BMW Motorrad privateer on no account miss the opportunity of being a part of the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy?

Udo Mark: Because the Race Trophy is a unique opportunity for every BMW Motorrad privateer to show their skills to the entire world. There is no equivalent. Everybody who registers for the Race Trophy also becomes a valuable part of the BMW Motorrad Motorsport community.

With the Race Trophy and obviously the HP Race Support, BMW Motorrad aims to support riders and teams not just technically but also offer comprehensive advice in all aspects of the sport. We want to live our fascinating sport, extract the absolute maximum from the fabulous new RR and to enjoy and benefit from one another.

A privateer contesting a national championship has the opportunity through the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy to compete at the same time against competitors in as many as 20 other racing series’. This is a unique opportunity for every racer and for every team to judge their performance on a world scale and to showcase their skills. This is unique in the motorbike world.

Last but not least, with the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy we create an affiliation to BMW Motorrad Motorsport, which every rider likes to highlight with a sticker on the engine spoiler. This was very well received last year and will be a part of the regulations again in 2015. The participants show their allegiance to BMW Motorrad, and we support our BMW Motorrad brand ambassadors to achieve their goals, wins and titles. Of course, at the end of the Race Trophy season substantial prize money awaits the top riders.

Finally, the participants benefit from the favourable terms offered by BMW Motorrad Race Trophy partners like the BMW road car division for example.

Additional championships and road races integrated

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: The Race Trophy unites BMW Motorrad privateers throughout the entire world. Which other racing series’ are added for the 2015 season?

Udo Mark: Joining the list for 2015 are the Alpe Adria Road Racing Meisterschaft, American Superbike Championship (AMA), Australasian Superbike, Malaysian Super Series and the BMW Combined Road Race Challenge.

The BMW Combined Road Race Challenge is a compilation of the world’s most important road races. Legendary events like the Isle of Man TT, the North West 200 and Macau Grand Prix enjoy increasing popularity, which we want to recognise with this Race Trophy. Because the heroes from road racing should also find a home in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.

Rewarding the important work made by the teams

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: In addition to the riders on their BMW S 1000 RR and HP4 machines, the teams also play an important role in the quest for success on the race tracks. What does the Race Trophy offer the teams?

Udo Mark: An important innovation for the Race Trophy in 2015 is that we pay prize money of 7,500 Euro to every team that wins a championship. From my days in the saddle, I know that racing is a team sport and BMW Motorrad wants to reward the hard and important work put in by the teams.

Adaptive points system, bonus for Champions and the brand new RR

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Are there any other innovations?

Udo Mark: We will introduce a new adaptive points system for 2015, which allows us to react to schedule changes made at short notice. So, if a race is rescheduled on a date that falls outside the qualifying period for the Race Trophy, we can also account for this and the riders contesting the relevant championship are not disadvantaged. Furthermore, there is also a bonus for every rider who wins a championship.

Obviously, we have the entirely new RR on the grid in 2015. The new RR is not a facelift, but in fact a completely new bike. It unites all the strengths of the previous HP4 and RR versions. With six horsepower more and weighing four kilograms less, the new RR 2015 is probably the strongest machine in the field.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: What are you personally looking forward to the most in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy season 2015?

Udo Mark: I’m looking forward to the 2015 end of year review the most. I get goose bumps when I see our BMW Motorrad Race Trophy film from last year. With so many new championships and innumerable new riders, the 2015 season will certainly be even more exciting, and the goose bumps will last for an entire winter.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: When and where can potential BMW Motorrad racers register?

Udo Mark: It’s possible to register just as soon as we publish the regulations. At the end of February all interested parties should check out the BMW Motorrad Motorsport homepage for information and register there at the same time.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.