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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, 21/01/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

SupeRRlative in series

An entirely new RR

BMW Motorrad sets new benchmarks once again among the super sports bikes with the new RR. The machine, which is market leader in the Superbike segment since 2012, was given more than just a facelift for the 2015 motorsport season. The new RR is a completely new model and typical BMW Motorrad into the bargain: premium to the core. The perfect base for every professional motorcycle racing championship.

The performance data alone will bring a smile to the lips of everybody who regularly goes to the race track with the S 1000 RR. Six horsepower more and four kilograms lighter, ten per cent more torque in the mid rpm range. So, it’s clear that the RR is the motorbike to beat in 2015.

No compromise: The best from the RR and HP4

Everything that BMW Motorrad has collected over the years since the RR and HP4 were introduced has been integrated into this motorbike. A further improved Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and the optional Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) allow the rider to select a perfect set-up. In contrast to the previous slick mode, the rider can save different settings in the new user mode and select these easily at the push of a button. Even while riding! Goodbye pit stops. Compromises with the suspension settings are now a thing of the past.

Coming on top of this as standard are the improved race ABS and the gearshift-pattern reverser. With the ‘Pro’ gearshift assistant, it is not only possible to shift-up without load change, but also to make clutch-less downshifts thanks to the automatic throttle blip. A huge advantage when braking at the absolute limit.

At home on the race track

The RR had only one objective in its original form on its market launch in 2009: Off to the race track. BMW Motorrad pursues this aim even more systematically with the new RR.

The premium standard of the new RR is further reflected in the details, which are a must for use on the race track: In addition to the integration of the pitlane speed limiter and launch control, the switch to ETC (electronic throttle control) is fully implemented. The corresponding reduction in the throttle twist-grip angle of rotation saves the professional energy and helps concentration. The ex-works forged wheels, which drop the RR’s weight by a further 2.4 kilos, is another treat.

No surprise then that the S 1000 RR is becoming increasingly attractive for fast women racers. The weight of a 600 cc machine and further improved power characteristics are the reasons why many women switch to the 1000 cubic machine and celebrate success in racing.

Unique HP Race Support

An absolute advantage for every race team and rider on the RR is, above all, the unique HP Race Support offered by BMW Motorrad. As a result, riders and teams have direct access to the expert knowledge of the BMW Motorrad Motorsport professionals. Intended goal: To extract the maximum performance from the new double R.

Be it a question of suspension set-up, electronics or race strategy. Various service packages provide a suitable solution for every requirement and every race series’. From queries by email to trackside support.

Innovative BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

In addition to technical support, BMW Motorrad Motorsport also provides BMW motorbike racers with the opportunity to compete against one another with the ultimate goal of the best BMW Motorrad privateers being elected.

Substantial prize money awaits participants just as valuable new contacts to other racers throughout the entire world. Because the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy does not only aim to support racing brand ambassadors worldwide, but also to strengthen family ties. In keeping with the motto: ‘Local to global to local!’

The best bike and most comprehensive support

An increasing number of professional racers and teams as well as semi-professional riders rely on the RR. Because the production version of the new RR is already a force to be reckoned with. Through HP Race Support and its expert knowledge, BMW Motorrad ensures the crucial on-track advantage is found. With the Race Trophy, BMW Motorrad Motorsport provides a unique opportunity for every BMW Motorrad privateer rider to judge themselves against other RR and HP4 professionals around the world.

The new RR exudes pure performance. Combined with the BMW Motorrad Motorsport package it is unique!