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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 17/02/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

More racing, more prizes

The new highlights of the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

The long wait is over: The 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy gets underway this week. Registration is now open, and the scoring period of this season's Race Trophy starts on Friday 19th February. It ends on Sunday 4th December.

In its first two years, the Race Trophy became a globally successful model – and the organisers at BMW Motorrad Motorsport have come up with more highlights for 2016 that are set to make the Race Trophy even more attractive and exciting. The number of national and international race series in which the BMW racers can pick up points for the Race Trophy has been increased once again. And additional prizes will be awarded at the end of the year.

28 championship classes in 21 race series

The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy keeps on getting bigger. It included 15 race series in its first year, and last season, BMW racers from 19 different championships were able to register. BMW Motorsport has extended this list once again for 2016.

This year, events from 21 race series and a total of 28 championship classes will be assessed for the Race Trophy. The new additions are the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) in Europe, the Superbike Series Brasil (BRSBK) in Brazil and the Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK).

The BMW Combined Road Race Challenge (BMW RRC) is another new event, in which the BMW road racers pick up points for the Race Trophy in the most important international events. Previously it included four famous events – the North West 200, the Isle of Man TT, the Ulster Grand Prix and the Macau Grand Prix. Now the Southern 100, which is held on the Isle of Man in July will become the fifth event to be included in the BMW RRC.

We have a total of 297 races at 126 events on 87 tracks around the world to look forward to in 2016, in which the BMW riders will chase Race Trophy points.

100,000 Euros in prize money

The BMW racers and teams are the perfect ambassadors for the BMW Motorrad brand on the racetracks around the world. It is important to BMW Motorrad to honour this commitment: At the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale in December, the most successful participants in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy will be awarded trophies, prize money and bonuses.

The 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy has a total prize fund of 100,000 Euros, which will be distributed among the 15 highest-ranked riders. A cheque for 20,000 Euros awaits the winner.

The championship bonuses will also be awarded again this year. The "Championship Bonus for Teams" acknowledges the hard and successful work that the BMW teams put in throughout the season. Every team that celebrates a title win in their championship will receive a bonus of 7,500 Euros. The rider who is crowned champion can look forward to the "Championship Bonus for Riders"– and will receive 2,500 Euros, irrespective of their position in the Race Trophy ranking.

New: The "Race Finisher Bonus"

There is also a new bonus for 2016, which provides an even greater incentive for those riders who are not likely to finish in the top spots in their race series to participate in the Race Trophy: The "Race Finisher Bonus".

Every rider who makes it to the finish line in all races in their race series or championship class, never finishes last and picks up at least 100 Race Trophy points will receive a cash prize of 500 Euros at the end of the season and an invitation to the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale.

Proven points system

A complex, adaptive points system that ensures guaranteed equal opportunities was introduced last year. This system proved itself and will be used again this season. Every participant, regardless of the race series or class in which they compete, can achieve a maximum score of 500 Race Trophy points.

This is divided into 400 race points, 40 championship points, 30 pole points and 30 sticker points. Unlike before, the sticker points will be awarded per race this season – meaning that anyone who competes more frequently with the BMW Motorrad Motorsport sticker on their BMW S 1000 RR will pick up more bonus points. This is calculated in the same way as the Race Trophy points; the maximum number of 30 will be divided by the number of races that are held in the rider's respective class. This gives the number of sticker points that are assigned per race. In brief: Anyone who competes with the sticker in all of their races will receive 30 sticker points, anyone who does not do this in every race will receive fewer points.

The worldwide race gets underway in South Africa

The worldwide race for the 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy gets underway in South Africa this weekend. The season opener of the South African SuperGP Champions Trophy (RSA SBK) on Saturday 20th February, is the first event in this year's assessment period. Here's to an exciting 2016 Race Trophy Saison!

All information on the 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is available via the links below.