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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, 15/01/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Girl poweRR

Gender is not an issue

Lucy Glöckner, Sabine Holbrook and Janine Davies all have one thing in common: they are among the world’s best motorcycle racers and all rely on BMW racing motorbikes.

Lucy Glöckner: IDM Superstock title firmly in her sights

Probably the best-known woman among them is the German Lucy Glöckner. In 2014, she scooped the runner-up title in the Superstock class of the International German Championship (IDM) on her BMW HP4. It was her brace of wins at the Zolder IDM round that erased any doubts about who is queen on track. For 2015, she switches to the new BMW S 1000 RR featuring electronic suspension components.

However, the 24-year old is a little more cautious about her goal for 2015: “Obviously I still want to go one better than last year. At the same time, however, I don’t want to put myself under pressure with unrealistic targets. I’ll do my best in every race and hope that I top the overall standings in the end.”

Her home race in Schleiz is a special highlight every year for the exceptional sportswoman. So, it’s no surprise that she aims to show just what she can do on home territory this coming season. The professional athlete’s main focus is to improve her mental approach: “In the past I was often overly ambitious and too eager, which once or twice caused me to fall. I’ve now got this under control. Nevertheless, I want to further improve my mental strength to produce consistently good performances.”

Sabine Holbrook’s fast career

Sabine Holbrook’s story is probably just as extraordinary as the talent of Lucy Glöckner. Holbrook has only had a motorcycle license for five years, but just as soon as she was handed her license there was only one possible destination: off to the race track.

She has been racing in the FIM Europe Alpe Adria Championship since 2014. In the first year and without any track knowledge whatsoever, she showed the Lords of creation just what a raw diamond she was by finishing the season in an excellent 9th place overall in the Supersport class which boasted a field of over 40 competitors.

On the agenda now is the switch to the new S 1000 RR, which Sabine is already looking forward to: “I’ll test my new bike for the first time very soon.” Switching to the RR means that she will also move up to the Superbike class in the FIM Europe Alpe Adria Championship and join the professional Czech team IV Racing.

All these changes will make 2015 another learning year for the native Swiss racer. “My goals are to get close to front of the Superbike field, improve my knowledge of the circuits and most of all to have fun.” The personal highlight would be a position in the top 10.

Historical results in the South African Championship for Janine Davies

The South African Janine Davies gives this advice to all female motorsport enthusiasts: “We girls must simply never give up. Nothing can stop us.” A third place in the Super M class in the South African Motorcycle Championship (SAM) made her write history when she became the first woman to mount the podium in this racing series.

Due to a fall at the final round, she finished sixth in the overall rankings. In 2015, she intends to finish the season in the top 3. She aims to achieve this goal with her beloved RR: “I never thought that I would be able to ride a 1000 cc bike. The RR is just unbelievable.”

The best opportunity to get acquainted with the RR

Just like Sabine Holbrook, Janine Davies sat on the BMW S 1000 RR for the first time at the FIM Women’s Training Camp, which is supported by BMW Motorrad. “I love the power this motorbike produces and the excellent technology. BMW Motorrad helped me to become a better rider as a result. The FIM Women’s Training Camp is a great opportunity to chat to other female motorbike racers. I hope that I can be there again this year.”