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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, 11/12/2014, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

More knowledge, ride faster – the HP Race Data Logger

Extracting the final hundredths

Hundredths of a second often make the difference between victory or defeat on the race track. Every racer knows this. Even with such technically advanced and refined motorcycles like the BMW S 1000 RR and HP4 the aim is to use these hundredths to savour the winner’s champagne after the chequered flag.

The HP Race Data Logger provides an important performance advantage for ambitious racers on every BMW S 1000 RR (model year 2009-2015) or HP4. Like all HP Race Parts, the data logger system was developed specifically for use on the race track and consequently has no road approval. The ingenious data logger records riding data like speed, engine revs, throttle position, brake pressure, gear, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, lean angle, coolant temperature and GPS position on the race track and evaluates these.

Analysis of personal riding style

The enjoyment of riding on the race track is then followed by analysis of the personal riding style. The data are transferred to your computer via the USB stick belonging to the data logger. A few clicks later and all is visible: what lean angle did I achieve, how fast was I in the corners, when did I shift gear and more importantly where did I brake?

By evaluating all this information, it’s clear at a glance where untapped potential still exists on the race track, and where the final hundredths of a second can be found. Use the HP Race Data Logger to find your perfect line and optimum braking point.

Various user interfaces displaying all the important information

All this information can be displayed in various user interfaces on the computer. Depending on whether the priority is a comparison of top speeds or preferably the evaluation of braking points, lean angles or engine revs. Another fascinating feature is overlaying the GPS data via Google Maps. This view allows any number of single laps to be overlayed and compared.

If you have any questions about the HP Race Data Logger, there is a comprehensive help section integrated into the software including the most frequently asked questions and explanations about the shortcuts and icons. Regular updates are included. In addition, specialist from HP Race Support and 2D-Datarecording can be contacted via email at the following address: BMWsupport@2d-datarecording.com.

The decisive advantage on the racetrack

Combined with the Race Power Kit and Race Calibration Tool, the HP Race Data Logger brings every BMW S 1000 RR or HP4 rider a decisive advantage on the race track. Just like all HP Race Parts, be they software or hardware, it goes without saying that the HP Race Data Logger was tested under the toughest conditions and only developed for one purpose: your advantage on the race track.

Real racers always aim to ride at their limit. With the HP Race Data Logger, the limit moves closer towards victory. This video explains exactly how the HP Race Data Logger functions. The HP Race Data Logger is available from every BMW Motorrad dealer.