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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 02/12/2015, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Family reunion in Munich

2015 BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale

They are normally in action on their BMW S 1000 RRs in a diverse range of racing series all over the world, but once a year they flock from all corners of the planet to Munich: the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale is a family reunion for BMW privateers.

Last Saturday, the waiting was over: the international BMW Motorrad Motorsport family celebrated the end of a successful 2015 season with a big party in the double cone building at BMW Welt. Among those present were the top participants in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy and their teams. And they did not solely come from Europe, but also from Asia, North America and South Africa. And they all agreed: it was a fantastic evening.

The official part of the evening focussed on recognising the achievements of the most successful BMW privateers. The top 15 participants in the 2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy were presented with their trophies and prize money, while the teams and drivers who won titles in their respective championships in 2015 were also honoured. The best-placed BMW riders in each race series were also called onto the stage, regardless of whether they ended the season in the top 15. These included Daisaku Sakai of Japan, Malaysian Nasarudin Mat Yusop, and South Africa’s Lance Isaacs.

Swapping the racetrack for the dance floor

At about 22:00 it was time to “party on!” The bar opened its doors in the basement of the double cone building and the ladies of PUSH IT UP rocked the stage. As they have done all season, the BMW riders put on one last show – this time on the dance floor rather than the racetrack.

Caricaturist Xi Ding was also a feature of the evening. The Chinese artist had prepared caricatures of the prize-winning riders, which were displayed at the back of the stage during the award ceremony – much to the amusement of those present. Eeki Kuparinen, ninth in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, took a photo of himself and his caricature before receiving his trophy and cheque. After the official part of the evening, guests queued up to have Xi Ding paint their caricature. The completed works of art were immediately posted on social networks. The same was true of the images from the photo box, in which countless BMW riders from different racing series posed together for a memento of a great night.

Unanimous enthusiasm

Among the revellers was the Kuparinen family, which also forms the Motomarket Racing Team from Finland. “We don’t know whether we will make it into the best next year, so we are really going for it today,” explained Eeki Kuparinen, champion in the privateer class of the FIM CEV Superbike European Championship. “I obviously hope we will be back next year. No other manufacturer organises anything like this. For me, it is an honour to be a part of this. Thank you BMW Motorrad!”

“The great thing is that this year’s BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale is a fantastic opportunity to see all the familiar faces we met last year through the first BMW Motorrad Race Trophy,” said South African Lance Isaacs. “All year long we have followed press releases and news articles to see how our colleagues are faring all over the world. It is fantastic to now meet them in person, without their helmets and leathers, and to chat about racing and many other things. BMW has really brought the motorcycle racing world together.”

“It is fantastic to meet all the other BMW riders from so many different countries. Plus, BMW Welt is an awesome venue,” said Jordan Szoke. The Canadian Superbike Champion and runner-up in the Race Trophy had travelled to Munich despite a broken ankle.

Alastair Seeley, sixth in the Race Trophy, agreed with Szoke. “It is absolutely awesome – the location and the whole event,” said the BSB Superstock rider, making his first appearance at the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale. “It is superb to be a part of this event, along with all the other BMW riders. I am delighted to be here in Munich and to receive my trophy for finishing sixth. To be honest, I really didn’t think I would do that well. For me, it is also very special to be the best-placed Brit in the Race Trophy. Now it is time to celebrate. On Monday, we start preparing for the 2016 season. The good thing is that I will be back on the BMW S 1000 RR again next year.”

Seeley’s Tyco BMW team-mate Michael Laverty was also attending the event for the first time. He was the top BMW rider in the Superbike class of the British Superbike Championship. “The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is a magnificent project. It is excellent to see so many privateers recognised. It is also fantastic to spend the evening with all the other BMW riders, and to see how successful they have been all over the world. I am pleased to be part of it. Personally, however, I am disappointed to have finished down in 19th in the Race Trophy. I must do better next year,” said Laverty.