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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Curitiba, Brazil, 02/12/2015, Moto 1000 GP / Campeonato Brasileiro de Motovelocidade

MT1GP: Finale in Brazil

Final round of the season in Curitiba

While his fellow BMW riders from around the world assembled in Munich to celebrate the year at the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale, the winner of the 2015 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy was back out on the racetrack, about 10,000 kilometres away.

Matthieu Lussiana and the BMW Motorrad Petronas Racing team were in Curitiba for the final round of the Brazilian Moto 1000 GP (MT1GP STK GP) series. Lussiana went into the final race of the year without any pressure at all, having already secured the Moto 1000 GP title back in October. He was crowned champion for the second year in a row at the penultimate race of the season in Santa Cruz.

First across the finish line again

However, the eighth and final race of the season saw the Frenchman prove once again that he is the man to beat in Brazil. Lussiana may have started from down in fifth place, but wasted little time in moving to the head of the field, where he remained until the finish.

At the end of the 18-lap race, Lussiana crossed the finishing line first on his BMW S 1000 RR for the sixth time this season. However, there was to be an unexpected twist for him after the race: he was disqualified by the race stewards. The reason: a breach of the technical regulations. After the race, Lussiana’s RR had less fuel left in the tank than the required amount of one litre.

“It was a shame that we were disqualified after the race. Unfortunately we had a little less than a litre of fuel in the tank. However, I was very happy with our performance in the race. I was able to open up a nice lead and control the race from the front,” said Lussiana.

Impressive lead

Even without the points he would have received for winning in Curitiba, Lussiana still ended the season as champion with an impressive lead. After the finale, the Frenchman had 40 points more to his name than his closest rival.

His team-mate Luciano Ribodino finished fifth in Curitiba on the second BMW Motorrad Petronas Racing RR. He was subsequently promoted one position following Lussiana’s disqualification. Diego Petrel, who was contesting his first race on the BMW S 1000 RR, came home seventh. Mauricio Paludete (Sport Plus Racing) was 13th.

Paludete also competed in the GP Light (MT1GP STK LT) race, in which he finished tenth. Alexis Hay (Moto 3 Racing Team) was 13th, followed by Luciano Donato (BMW Motorrad Petronas Racing) in 14th.