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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 02/09/2019, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Results 30th August to 1st September 2019

All results of the weekend at a glance

Danilo Lewis and Alex Barros secured a one-two win for the BMW S 1000 RR in the SuperBike Brasil. It has also been a successful weekend for BMW racers Carmelo Morales and Lance Isaacs who claimed podium finishes in the Spanish Superbike Championship and the South African Superbike Championship.

Results SuperBike Brasil, Curitiba:


1st Danilo Lewis (Tecfil Havoline Racing Team) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Alex Barros (Alex Barros Racing)
5th Diego Viveiros (Picoloko/PRT – Pitico Race Team)
6th Julio Fortunato (Sport Plus Racing)
7th Rodrigo Dazzi (ELLO Racing)
11th Marcio Bortoloni (Sulina Racing)
12th Felipe Comerlatto (Pro Racing Team)

Results Spanish Superbike Championship, Albacete:


3rd Carmelo Morales (BMW easyRace Team)
10th Christopher Gobbi (Xctech)
19th Julio Dominguez (BMW easyRace Team)

Results South African Superbike Championship, East London:

Race 1:

2nd Lance Isaacs (LIR / Supabets Gaming Group)

Race 2:

3rd Lance Isaacs

Results All Japan Road Race Championship, Okayama:


24th Hoshino Tomoya (TONE RT SYNCEDGE 4413)