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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 12/08/2019, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Results 8th to 11th August 2019

All results at a glance

What a weekend! Peter Hickman was unbeatable on his new BMW S 1000 RR at the Ulster Grand Prix, won all races and set a new lap record – 136.415 mph. Davey Todd also secured a podium at the Ulster Grand Prix.

In Canada, Ben Young secured the first title win of the season for the BMW Motorrad Motorsport community. He was crowned champion in the Canadian Superbike Championship. In addition, Samuel Trepanier celebrated his first CSBK victory. In the International German Championship, Ilya Mikhalchik secured a double win, while Pepijn Bijsterbosch also raced onto the podium. There has also been a podium finish for Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman in the Asia Road Racing Championship.

Results BMW Road Race Challenge, Ulster Grand Prix:

Circle K Superbike Race, Thursday:

1st Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing) (+ fastest race lap / new lap record)
4th Lee Johnston (Ashcourt Racing)
5th Davey Todd (Penz13.com)
9th Michael Sweeney (MJR Racing)
10th Brian McCormack (On-1 Racing)
11th Phillip Crowe (Lee Jackson Air Con)
12th David Jackson
14th Ryan Kneen (Charmer Builders Ltd.)
16th Shaun Anderson (NW Racing)
17th Mark Parrett (C & C Ltd.)
24th Davy Morgan (DM71)
25th Richard Charlton
29th Kamil Holan (McRace)
30th Stephen McKnight (McKnight Racing)
34th Donald MacFadyen (MacFadyen Racing)
DNF Sam West (PRL Cyclestore.co.uk)
DNF David McConnaghy

Daly’s Hyundai Superstock Race, Saturday:

1st Peter Hickman (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Davey Todd
4th Lee Johnston
7th Michael Sweeney
8th Michael Dunlop
9th David Jackson
10th Brian McCormack
14th Kamil Holan
22nd Stephen KcKnight
25th Donald MacFadyen
DNF Shaun Anderson
DNF Phillip Crowe
DNF Mark Parrett

MMB Surfacing Superbike Race, Saturday:

1st Peter Hickman
4th Lee Johnston
5th Davey Todd
9th David Jackson
12th Phillip Crowe
17th Mark Parrett
20th Donald MacFadyen
DNF Brian McCormack
DNF Shaun Anderson

Around a Pound Superbike Race, Saturday:

1st Peter Hickman (+ fastest race lap)
4th Davey Todd
7th Michael Sweeney
8th Brian McCormack
9th Phillip Crowe
11th David Jackson
16th Mark Parrett

Results International German Championship, Most:

Race 1:

1st Ilya Mikhalchik (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW) (+ fastest race lap)
4th Pepijn Bijsterbosch (Team Dutch Comfort Houses)
5th Stefan Kerschbaumer (BCC Racing Team)
6th Jan Bühn (EGS Moto Racing)
12th Björn Stuppi (Buchner Motorsport)
14th Tim Eby (EGS Moto Racing)
15th Marc Neumann (Neumann Racing)
DNF Julian Puffe (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW)

Race 2:

1st Ilya Mikhalchik (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Pepijn Bijsterbosch
5th Stefan Kerschbaumer
13th Tim Eby
14th Björn Stuppi
DNF Jan Bühn
DNF Julian Puffe
DNF Marc Neumann

Results Canadian Superbike Championship, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park:

Race 1:

1st Samuel Trepanier (Blysk Racing)
3rd Ben Young (Ben Young Racing)
6th Alex Welsh
7th Jeff Williams (+ fastest race lap)
9th Michael Leon (Royal Distributing Superbike Team)
13th Ivan Babic (Babic Racing)

Race 2:

2nd Samuel Trepanier
4th Ben Young (+ fastest race lap)
5th Alex Welsh
9th Jeff Williams
12th Ivan Babic
DNS Michael Leon

Results Asia Road Racing Championship, Zhuhai:

Race 1:

13th Ali Adriansyah Rusmiputro (Onexox TKKR SAG Team)
DNF Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (Onexox TKKR SAG Team)

Race 2:

2nd Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman
15th Ali Adriansyah Rusmiputro

Results MotoAmerica AMA Road Racing Series, Sonoma, Superbike -class:

Race 1:

5th Jake Gagne (Scheibe Racing)
DNF Jeremy Coffey (Superbike Underground)

Race 2:

6th Jake Gagne
9th Jeremy Coffey

Results MotoAmerica AMA Road Racing Series, Sonoma, Superstock class:


5th Travis Wyman (Weir Everywhere Racing)