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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 18/11/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Successful customers around the world

An interview with Berthold Hauser

A thrilling and successful 2015 season draws to a close for the experts at BMW Motorrad Motorsport. The specialists of HP RaceSupport work alongside more than 160 customer teams throughout the world.

With their support, they have helped privateer BMW teams and riders around the globe celebrate numerous championship titles, wins and podium positions once again this year. Berthold Hauser, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Technical Director, takes stock of the season in an interview.

Customised support

Question: It was another successful season for the BMW Motorrad Motorsport customer teams. How do you view the season from the perspective of BMW Motorrad Motorsport?

Berthold Hauser: "We are delighted that our customer racing strategy is spreading throughout the racing community of the BMW S 1000 RR customers and is increasingly gaining recognition. We provide many customers with support in preparing the bikes for racing and the races, and they were increasingly satisfied with the successes they achieved. Our customer racing programme has also been endorsed by the fact that many new customers have switched to our BMW S 1000 RR. They know that it's not only the renowned good performance of our RR that they can rely on as they hunt for success, but that they can also call on and make use of the extensive support provided by HP RaceSupport."

Question: The BMW Motorrad Motorsport customer teams celebrate success around the world, in a variety of championships with very different regulations. How do you manage to provide customised support for these customers?

Hauser: "The majority of customers are those who are Racing4Fun. Their queries are usually handled by our remote support staff via e-mail and telephone. It doesn't take long at all and we can help them with a few 'manual actions' and recommendations. Furthermore, we are gradually training our specialists in the markets, who can work on-site. If necessary, in trickier cases, we can use our laptops to connect directly to the customer's vehicle via a stable Internet connection - regardless of where it is currently located. This enables us to take the appropriate action for the vehicle set-up or perform analyses and solutions on the vehicle directly, without needing to be on-site. Then there is our on-site support, where our specialists work alongside the customer teams at the racetracks."

At full throttle instead of "cruising speed"

Question: What was your biggest challenge this season?

Hauser: "The entire season was a tremendous challenge as a whole. At the high level at which we work, our entire team, our service providers, partners and colleagues spent more time in full throttle mode than at 'cruising speed'. Racing is racing, even for us and our activities."

Question: Were there any personal highlights of the season for you?

Hauser: "There were highlights for me almost every weekend, when our customers climbed onto the winners' podium. These top positions and the joy of the successful riders was also always an endorsement for us and the contribution we made to these successes. A particular highlight for me personally was Markus Reiterberger's success in the SUPERBIKE*IDM. It was fantastic to see how he was dominant as he outpaced his rivals in the Superbike class, even with the handicap weight. It was here that we were particularly keen to forget the 2014 season, in which our rivals were more successful. We managed that. With this strong 2015 season and his increasing maturity, Reiterberger secured his ticket to the World Superbike Championship in an impressive fashion. It has always been my personal goal to see a Bavarian on a Bavarian motorbike in the World Superbike Championship. That's something special, isn't it?"

Question: What are you already looking forward to about the 2016 season?

Hauser: "I can only really start to look forward to next season when everything is up and running for all of our customer teams, from the World Superbike Championship, through the national race series, to the Racing4Fun teams. No doubt it will be another thrilling season since the competition is strong everywhere, and is really pushing. But I am really looking forward to the exciting season, in which our customers will be full of motivation and put their heart and soul into everything to be successful – and their successes are also our successes."