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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 18/11/2015, BMW Motorrad Motorsport

One big family

Hundreds of BMW racers around the world, one close community

The focus is on the customers at BMW Motorrad Motorsport. The extensive customer racing programme supports privateer BMW teams with hundreds of riders around the globe. BMW Motorrad is also the first and only manufacturer at present to have set up a separate competition for its privateers: the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. This unique involvement has established a large community for all the BMW riders throughout the world. Even though they all compete in different race series on a wide variety of tracks, they all feel part of one big, global family.

The figures speak for themselves: In the 2015 season, the specialists of HP RaceSupport have been working alongside more than 160 privateer BMW teams across the world. The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is contested by 104 BMW riders from 22 different countries on six continents. One of the members of the large BMW Motorrad Motorsport family is Lance Isaacs. He races on the BMW S 1000 RR fielded by Black Swan Energy in the South African SuperGP Champions Trophy. In the digital BMW Magazine, bmwmagazine.com, Isaacs explains why BMW is something very special to him as a racer.

"Everyone helps each other out"

The 37-year-old South African has been an active racer for more than 20 years – and he is at home in the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Community. The BMW Motorrad Motorsport philosophy is to always be there for the customers. While other manufacturers concentrate on their works teams, privateers such as Isaacs benefit from the cumulative expertise and full support of BMW Motorrad Motorsport. No matter in which race series they compete – in world championships or in one of the many national championships – the BMW privateers know that BMW Motorrad Motorsport is always at their side when it comes to making sure the BMW S 1000 RR is perfectly prepared for racing.

"We simply load the data onto a laptop and send it to our engineer in Germany. Then there is almost a live update. We provide information on the wind and temperature, and receive support with fuel injection, braking, traction control and much more," explained Isaacs in the digital BMW Magazine. The BMW motto is "everyone helps each other out."

The racing world comes together

Isaacs is also more than enthusiastic about the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. The Race Trophy really makes him feel connected with the rest of the racing world and the BMW Motorrad Motorsport family. It allows the community of BMW racers around the world to become closer, while also offering young riders the opportunity to gain international attention. "I wish this idea had been around ten years ago, it's fantastic," said Isaacs.

And sometimes the BMW Motorrad Motorsport family really does come together – and meets at the racetrack. One such opportunity came at the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Media Track Test in Valencia, Spain. There, international media representatives were not only able to test six thoroughbred BMW racers from a variety of championships, but also got to experience the feeling of solidarity among the BMW Motorrad Racing Community at first hand. The digital BMW Magazine accompanied Isaacs at the test in Spain. For an insight into this very special family reunion in Valencia and more information on Lance Isaacs, go to our website at:

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