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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 27/05/2019, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Results 25th/26th May 2019

This weekend’s results in an overview

In various championships, the BMW racers again collected points for the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy over the weekend. In the Superstock class of the British Superbike Championship, Alex Olsen claimed several podium finishes with his BMW S 1000 RR – and set a new lap record. A place on the podium was also secured by Alex Barros in the SuperBike Brasil. In addition, the RR riders have been in action in the Spanish Superbike Championship and in the All Japan Road Race Championship.

Results British Superbike Championship, Donington Park, Superbike class:

Race 1:

7th Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW Motorrad)
8th Keith Farmer (Tyco BMW Motorrad)
10th Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing)
15th James Ellison (Smiths Racing)
16th Joe Francis (Lloyd & Jones Bowker Motorrad)

Race 2:

6th Christian Iddon
9th Peter Hickman
10th Keith Farmer
16th James Ellison
19th Joe Francis

Race 3:

6th Christian Iddon
7th Peter Hickman
15th James Ellison
17th Joe Francis
DNF Keith Farmer

Results British Superbike Championship, Donington Park, Superstock class:

Race 1, Part 1:

2nd Alex Olsen (Team IMR) (+ fastest race lap / new lap record)
5th Taylor Mackenzie (Bathams Racing)
16th Andrew Reid (Tyco BMW)
17th Rob McNealy (McNealy Brown)
19th Aaron Clarke (KCB Motorsport)
21st Tom Tunstall (Integro)
32nd Peter Dilks (Shakespeare Martineau)
33rd Christopher Green (Hollins Strategic Land/Go Green Racing)

Race 1, Part 2:

3rd Alex Olsen
7th Taylor Mackenzie
17th Tom Tunstall
18th Rob McNealy
19th Aaron Clarke
25th Peter Dilks
29th Christopher Green
DNF Andrew Reid

Race 2:

3rd Alex Olsen
4th Taylor Mackenzie
16th Tom Tunstall
24th Peter Dilks
DNF Andrew Reid
DNF Aaron Clarke

Results Spanish Superbike Championship, Barcelona:


4th Carmelo Morales (BMW easyRace Team)
11th Marcos Solorza (Castromaroto Racing)
25th Julio Dominguez (BMW easyRace Team)
DNF Nick Edgeley (Team Edge RTS Racing)

Results SuperBike Brasil, Interlagos:


2nd Alex Barros (Alex Barros Racing)
6th Danilo Lewis (Tecfil Havoline Racing Team)
7th Rodrigo Dazzi (ELLO Racing)
9th Diego Viveiros (Picoloko/PRT – Pitico Race Team)
10th Davi Costa (JC Racing Team)
11th Julio Fortunato (Sport Plus Racing)
DNF Fabio Pitta (ELLO/Double F Racing)
DNF Carlos Sakurai (Kaka Ks Racing)

Results All Japan Road Race Championship, Sugo:

Race 1:

16th Hoshino Tomoya (TONE RT SYNCEDGE 4413)

Race 2:

16th Hoshino Tomoya