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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 28/08/2018, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

On course for the title

One-two-three results in IDM and FR EU

BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers have already won two titles this season – and the last race weekend confirmed that BMW riders will be settling titles between themselves in at least two more race series. In the International German Championship (IDM) and the French European Bikes Championship (FR EU), BMW S 1000 RR racers claimed more top-three lock-outs to move further ahead of their competitors.

Kenny Foray also celebrated his fourth win of the season in the French Superbike Championship (FSBK) at the weekend. You can find all results from the various championships in an overview below.

International German Championship at the Lausitzring, Germany

The International German Championship (IDM) paid a visit to the Lausitzring for the fifth of seven season events. The BMW racers were in dominant form once again – and claimed a top-three lock-out in both races.

Bastien Mackels (Wilbers BMW Racing) won race one on Sunday, finishing 0.644 seconds ahead of Julian Puffe (alpha-Racing-Van-Zon-BMW). Puffe’s team-mate Ilya Mikhalchik secured third place to complete the podium. In the second race, Mikhalchik celebrated his seventh win of the season, triumphing by a significant margin of nearly five seconds. Mackels claimed second place and Puffe finished third. Pepjin Bijsterbosch secured fifth position in both races.

Although there are still two events with a total of four races left in this season, it has already been confirmed that the title will go to a BMW rider. The best rider for another manufacturer is already too far behind. Mikhalchik leads the overall standings with 224 points. Mackels (211 points) is thirteen points back in second place. Puffe is in third place with 150 points and still has a mathematical chance of claiming the title.

French Superbike Championship at Carole, France

Reigning champion Kenny Foray (Tecmas Racing Team) endured a turbulent time at the penultimate event of the French Superbike Championship 2018 (FSBK) season at Carole, outside Paris.

Foray secured pole position for both races with his BMW S 1000 RR. He also posted the fastest lap time in race one before taking a tumble. Foray picked us his bike and continued the race, finishing in tenth place. Foray’s team-mate Maxime Bonnot finished the first race in eighth position, claiming victory in the Superbike Challenger class (SBK Ch).

In race two, Foray converted pole position into his fourth win of the season. Bonnot was tenth overall and second in the SBK Ch. Robin Camus was also competing at Carole with a BMW S 1000 RR. He finished in sixth and fourth positions in the two races. Foray is currently second in the championship standings.

French European Bikes Championship at Carole, France

The French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) also paid a visit to Carole for the penultimate event of the 2018 season. The weekend featured a top-three lock-out and a total of five podium finishes for BMW racers. It has already been confirmed that the champion will be a BMW rider: defending champion Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise) or Jonathan Germany.

In race one on Saturday, Brunet-Lugardon and Germany reached the podium in second and third positions. Germany also recorded the fastest lap time. The BMW riders then celebrated a top-three lock-out in the second race on Sunday with experienced rider Hernani Teixeira claiming victory, finishing 0.384 seconds ahead of Germany, who once again posted the best lap time. Brunet-Lugardon finished third to secure the final podium spot.

With two races to go, Brunet-Lugardon leads the championship standings with 231 points. Germany is in second place overall with 192 points. Aprilia rider Gino de la Rosa is already so far back in third place that he has no chance of claiming the title.

MotoAmerica at Pittsburgh, USA

The MotoAmerica (MA) was in action at Pittsburgh (USA) at the weekend. Danny Eslick (Scheibe Racing) competed with the BMW S 1000 RR in the Superbike class (MA SBK). He failed to finish race one and took the chequered flag in seventh in the second race.

In the Superstock race (MA STK), BMW rider Travis Wyman (Weir Everywhere Racing) finished in fourth position.

Results International German Championship, Lausitzring:

Race 1:

1st Bastien Mackels (Wilbers BMW Racing)
2nd Julian Puffe (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW)
3rd Ilya Mikhalchik (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW) (+ fastest race lap)
5th Pepijn Bijsterbosch
15th Thomas Hainthaler
16th Marc Neumann (Neumann Racing)
21st Christof Höfer (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW)
DNS Björn Stuppi (Team Bergau)

Race 2:

1st Ilya Mikhalchik (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Bastien Mackels
3rd Julian Puffe
5th Pepijn Bijsterbosch
13th Marc Neumann
14th Thomas Hainthaler

Results French Superbike Championship, Carole:

Race 1:

6th Robin Camus
8th Maxime Bonnot (Tecmas Racing Team) (1st SBK Ch)
10th Kenny Foray (Tecmas Racing Team) (+ fastest race lap)
DNS Matthieu Lussiana

Race 2:

1st Kenny Foray
4th Robin Camus
10th Maxime Bonnot (2. SBK Ch)
DNS Matthieu Lussiana

Results French European Bikes Championship, Carole:

Race 1:

2nd Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise)
3rd Jonathan Germany (+ fastest race lap)
4th Hernani Teixeira
6th Cyril Brunet-Lugardon
8th Léo Challamel
9th Alexandre Leleu
10th Madjid Idres
13th Anthony Gonzalez
14th Guillaume Mitault
16th Yann Aimon
20th Eric Dagault
21st Daniel Silva
22nd Eric Dubray
DNF Anthony Chatillon

Race 2:

1st Hernani Teixeira
2nd Jonathan Germany (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Florian Brunet-Lugardon
5th Léo Challamel
6th Cyril Brunet-Lugardon
7th Alexandre Leleu
8th Madjid Idres
11th Eric Dubray
13th Yann Aimon
14th Anthony Gonzalez
19th Eric Dagault
20th Daniel Silva
DNF Guillaume Mitault
DNS Anthony Chatillon

Results MotoAmerica, Pittsburgh – Superbike class:

Race 1:

DNF Danny Eslick (Scheibe Racing)

Race 2:

7th Danny Eslick

Results MotoAmerica, Pittsburgh – Superstock class:


4th Travis Wyman (Weir Everywhere Racing)
DNS Timothy Bemisderfer
DNS Aaron Risinger