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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 14/08/2018, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy BMW Motorrad Motorsport

The first title win of the season

Jordan Szoke again champion in Canada

The international BMW Motorrad Motorsport family can celebrate the first title win of the 2018 season: Jordan Szoke has been crowned champion of the Canadian Superbike Championship for the 13th time.

The latest important meeting of the international road racing scene, the Ulster Grand Prix, also ended in success. In the 1000cc race, BMW rider Peter Hickman claimed victory and a podium finish and was named “Man of the Meeting”. David Johnson also reached the podium with the BMW HP4 RACE. Travis Wyman claimed a podium finish in the MotoAmerica. You can find all results of the weekend in an overview below.

Canadian Superbike Championship at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Canada

The “serial offender” has done it again. Champion record holder Jordan Szoke (Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team) secured his 13th title in the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK), his seventh together with BMW. He took the final steps to this by finishing third and fourth in the season finale at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park outside Bowmanville.

Another BMW rider topped the podium in the first of the two final races of the weekend: Ben Young (Ben Young Racing). In Bowmanville, he claimed his first win in the CSBK. Szoke secured third place. In the second race on Sunday, Young finished second to reach the podium again. Samuel Trepanier claimed the final podium spot with the Blysk Racing BMW S 1000 RR. Szoke confirmed his title win by finishing fourth. Young ended the season in second place in the championship standings.

Jordan Szoke:
“Definitely one of the tougher championships I’ve won, that’s for sure. But we battled through. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster year, so this one means a lot. I partnered with BMW about eight years ago, and we’ve now won seven championships. I’ve had a really great run here with the team and the bike, and it’s been awesome.”

Ulster Grand Prix at the Dundrod Circuit, Northern Ireland

The international road racers met up in Northern Ireland at the weekend for the spectacular Ulster Grand Prix. This year’s schedule was disrupted by bad weather, leading to the cancellation of some events. Two races did take place on Saturday in the 1000cc category, the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Superstock race and the MMB Surfacing Superbike race. BMW rider Peter Hickman recorded a win and a podium finish to prove impressively that he has earned his place among the world’s best road racers.

Hickman enjoyed a thrilling duel with Dean Harrison in the Superstock race, with the lead changing hands several times. Hickman was in second place at the end of lap four, before popping out of Harrison’s slipstream to retake the lead at the start of the fifth and final lap. However, a red flag then stopped the race and the standings at the end of lap four were treated as the final result. This meant that Hickman finished second, 0.203 seconds back.

In the Superbike race, Hickman took the lead on lap two. This race was also stopped early – race control could no longer guarantee the riders’ safety as the rain increased in intensity. Hickman claimed victory by 1.399 seconds - his fifth win overall at the Ulster Grand Prix. As the Smiths Racing rider also won the 600cc Supersport race, he was named as “Man of the Meeting” for the second year running.

Australia’s David Johnson was competing for Tyco BMW Motorrad – with the BMW HP4 RACE. He secured the first international podium for the carbon-fibre racing machine. Johnson claimed third place in the Superbike race. It was also his first podium finish at the Ulster Grand Prix. The Australian rider, who had only been with the team a short time, claimed seventh place in the Superstock race.

Peter Hickman:
“It’s been a bit of a stop-start meeting with the weather conditions making it difficult for everyone, and we ended up losing three of our scheduled races, but to come away with a total of two wins and a second place has been very pleasing. It could have been three wins, as I felt really comfortable in the Superstock race and was just biding my time behind Dean before making my move on lap five. As soon as I got by I opened up a lead, but, with the red flag coming out and the result going back a lap, I had to settle for second. It’s swings and roundabouts though as good fortune smiled on me in the Superbike race, being awarded the win. It’s such a shame the rain brought an end to the day, but I’m happy for myself and for the team that we got the results we did, whilst it’s also nice to win races at each of the International road races.”

David Johnson:
“Taking the weather into consideration and the limited time we had to prepare, I really think it’s been a successful week working with the Tyco BMW boys. The team worked hard to make me comfortable on the bikes and in the team and, despite the weather, I’m pretty pleased to have taken a third place back to Australia. I feel very honoured to have been given the chance to ride the BMW HP4 RACE for the Tyco BMW team and to give the bike its first ever international road racing podium is a real buzz.”

MotoAmerica at the Sonoma Raceway, USA

The MotoAmerica (MA) paid a visit to the Sonoma Raceway at the weekend. The BMW S 1000 RR claimed a podium finish in the Superstock class race: Travis Wyman (Weir Everywhere Racing) secured third place. Chad Swain (Hustle Hard Racing) crossed the line in fifth position.

BMW rider Danny Eslick (Scheibe Racing) finished in seventh and eighth in the two Superbike class (MA SBK) races.

Results Canadian Superbike Championship, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park:

Race 1:

1st Ben Young (Ben Young Racing)
3rd Jordan Szoke (Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team)
5th Michael Leon (Royal Distributing Racing Team)
6th Matt McBride
8th Jeff Williams
9th Marcel Irnie
13th Jason Thoms
DNF Reiner Griese
DNF Samuel Trepanier (Blysk Racing)

Race 2:

2nd Ben Young
3rd Samuel Trepanier
4th Jordan Szoke
5th Michael Leon
6th Matt McBride
7th Jeff Williams
15th Jason Thoms
DNF Reiner Griese

Results Ulster Grand Prix, Dundrod Circuit:

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Superstock Race:

2nd Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW)
7th David Johnson (Tyco BMW Motorrad)
9th Daniel Cooper (IMP Cross Engineering)
10th Ryan Kneen (Charmer Builders)
11th Sam West (PRL Worthington
12th Darren Cooper (NW Racing)
15th Davy Morgan (DM71)
18th David Jackson
19th Dave Hewson (Obsession Engineering)
20th Mark Parrett (C & C Ltd.)
24th David McConnaghy
25th Paul Williams (Paul Potchy Williams)
27th Craig Neve (CN Racing)
29th Donald MacFadyen
DNF Eric Wilson (Obsession Engineering)
DNF Brian McCormack (TAG Racing)

MMB Surfacing Superbike Race:

1st Peter Hickman
3rd David Johnson
5th Brian McCormack
6th Sam West
10th David Jackson
11th Darren Cooper
12th Graham Kennedy (TD Racing)
16th Mark Parrett
17th Dave Hewson
18th Stephen McKnight (McKnight Racing)
19th Paul Williams
21st Ryan Kneen
22nd Daniel Cooper
25th David MacFadyen
DNF Michael Sweeney (MJR Racing)
DNF Craig Neve

Results MotoAmerica, Sonoma Raceway – Superbike class:

Race 1:

7th Danny Eslick (Scheibe Racing)

Race 2:

8th Danny Eslick

Results MotoAmerica, Sonoma Raceway – Superstock class:


3rd Travis Wyman (Weir Everywhere Racing)
5th Chad Swain (Hustle Hard Racing)
6th Sebastiao Ferreira (Ferreira Racing)
DNF Jeremy Coffey (Superbike Underground)