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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 01/08/2018, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

More top-three and top-four lock-outs

The BMW riders continue to collect trophies

The FIM Endurance World Championship (FIM EWC) BMW teams concluded the 2017/18 season with the Suzuka 8 Hours at the weekend. In the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC), Danny Webb extended his overall lead in Chimay.

There were also three one-two-threes and a top-four lock-out in the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) and the International German Championship (IDM). Furthermore, the BMW S 1000 RR also enjoyed victories and podiums in Italy and Malaysia. You can find all results of the weekend in an overview below.

FIM Endurance World Championship at Suzuka, Japan

The BMW teams brought the curtain down on the FIM Endurance World Championship (FIM EWC) 2017/18 season at the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race. This is the most important race of the year for the Japanese manufacturers. As such, they compete with works teams bolstered by top international riders. The strong field also featured nine BMW S 1000 RRs.

The best-placed BMW team was BMW Motorrad39 in 13th place. The #39 RR was ridden by Daisaku Sakai, Damian Cudlin and Alexander Cudlin. They were followed over the finish line by a further two BMWs. Mercury Racing and riders Karel Hanika, Sylvain Barrier and Ondrej Jezek came home 14th. 15th place went to BMW Financial Services 135 with British BSB riders Michael Laverty and Christian Iddon sharing the riding duties with Japan’s Shinya Takeishi. German team NRT48 finished 21st with Kenny Foray, Peter Hickman and Julien Da Costa alternating on the #48 RR.

The season drew to a close at Suzuka – but the break is not a long one. The 2018/19 season kicks off in mid-September with the iconic Bol d’Or 24-hour race at Le Castellet.

International Road Racing Championship at Chimay, Belgium

Chimay in Belgium hosted round four of the 2018 International Road Racing Championship 2018 (IRRC). As at all of this season’s previous race weekends, Danny Webb took maximum points on the BMW S 1000 RR run by the Wepol Racing by Penz13 team. In doing so, he extended his advantage at the top of the championship table.

Webb finished runner-up in both Chimay races. However, as both victories went to Belgian guest starter Vincent Lonbois, who was not eligible to score points, Webb picked up the maximum points on offer for first place both times. Didier Grams (G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad) came home third in both races to earn a spot on the podium. Marek Červený (Wepol Racing by Penz13) and Erno Kostamo (Markka Racing) both took fourth and fifth places.

Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship at Grobnik, Croatia

The Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) was at Grobnik, Croatia, for its fourth event of the 2018 season. Two successful BMW riders from the Superbike class (AARR SBK) were missing from Grobnik, as they were contesting the final round of this season’s FIM Endurance World Championship (FIM EWC) in Suzuka with their Mercury Racing team: Czechs Karel Hanika and Ondrej Jezek. The best-placed BMW rider in the Superbike races at Grobnik was Ireneusz Sikora (BMW Sikora Motorsport) in seventh and sixth.  

There were two one-two-threes for BMW riders in the Superstock class (AARR STK). The dominant man remains Michal Filla (BMW Sikora Motorsport): He once again won both races to claim win numbers seven and eight of the season. Michal Prášek (Rohac-Fejta Motoracing Team) finished runner-up on both occasions. Third place in both races went to Arnaud Friedrich (Team LRP Poland).

International German Championship at Schleiz, Germany

BMW riders remain the dominant force in the International German Championship (IDM). They dominated the race weekend at Schleiz with a top-four lock-out and a one-two-three.

At the head of the field, Ilya Mikhalchik (alpha-Racing-Van-Zon-BMW) and Bastien Mackels (Wilbers BMW Racing) were embroiled in thrilling battles in both races. Mikhalchik ultimately had his nose in front on both occasions, crossing the finish line just ahead of Mackels in second place. In race one, Mikhalchik’s lead was just 0.886 seconds, while his advantage in race two was a mere 0.198 seconds.

Mikhalchik’s team-mate Julian Puffe, who secured his first IDM pole position at Schleiz, finished third in both races to claim the final spot on the podium. Pepijn Bijsterbosch rounded off the top-four lock-out in race one.

Italian Superbike Championship at Misano, Italy

Misano, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, hosted the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV) at the weekend. The event yielded three podium finishes for BMW racers. Roberto Tamburini, regular rider with the Berclaz Racing Team in the FIM Superstock 1000 European Championship (STK1000), took his place on the podium after both races, finishing second and third. Luca Vitali (DMR Racing) finished third in race one.

Italian National Trophy 1000 at Misano, Italy

The Italian National Trophy 1000 (INT) was also at Misano for its fourth race of the 2018 season. BMW rider Federico D’Annunzio took his third win of the season. He came home more than three seconds ahead of the second-placed rider. Fellow BMW racer Remo Castellarin finished third to join him on the podium. A further three BMW riders occupied positions four to six: Luca Salvadori, Stefano Cruciano and Alessandro Polita.

Malaysia Superbike Championship at Sepang, Malaysia

The Sepang International Circuit near Kuala Lumpur was the venue for round two of this season’s Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC). BMW rider Amirul Hafig Azmi (TOC HKMTOYO Racing Team) completed the full programme in tropical temperatures, competing in both the Superbike (MSC SBK) and the Superstock class (MSC STK). That meant a gruelling four races in one day for the Malaysian RR rider.

Hafig Azmi finished runner-up in race two of the Superbike class. In the Superstock category, he came home second in race one, before claiming his first win of the season in race two. Sharulnizam Ramli (FTA Liqui Moly Racing) finished third in the second Superstock race to join Hafig Azmi on the podium.

Results FIM Endurance World Championship, Suzuka:

8-hour race:

13th #39 BMW Motorrad39: Daisaku Sakai, Damian
Cudlin, Alexander Cudlin – 13th EWC SBK
14th #121 Mercury Racing: Karel Hanika, Sylvain Barrier, Ondrej Jezek –14th EWC SBK
15th #135 BMW Financial Services 135: Shinya Takeishi, Michael Laverty, Christian Iddon – 15th EWC SBK
21st #48 TEAM NRT48: Kenny Foray, Peter Hickman, Julien Da Costa – 19th EWC SBK
29th #105 moto Cubic + Motorrad Toyota NR: Hideki Ono, Shin Tsutsui, Tatsuya Noda – 22nd EWC SBK
31st #91 Atoun TIO Verity: Shinya Miyajima, Akihiro Igarashi, Toshihiko Tsuji – 24th EWC SBK
46th #80 Tone RT Syncedge 4413: Tomoya Hoshino, Kokoro Atsumi, Soushi Mihara – 10th STK Cup
DNF #23 Team Vital Spirit: Akito Narita, Katsuto Sano, Stefan Hill – EWC SBK DNF #52 Teramoto@J-TRIP Racing: Koji Teramoto, Yuichi Takeda, Tomoki Namekata – EWC SBK

Results International Road Racing Championship, Chimay:

Race 1:

2nd Danny Webb (Wepol Racing by Penz 13)
3rd Didier Grams (G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad)
4th Marek Červený (Wepol Racing by Penz 13)
5th Erno Kostamo (Markka Racing)
7th David Datzer (D & M Road Racing)
11th Nico Müller (D & M Road Racing)
18th Jean-Pierre Polet (JPM Team)
20th Paul Manx (Manx Racing)
28th Foti Psomadakis (Braunholz Metallbau Hannover&netMagazine)

Race 2:

2nd Danny Webb
3rd Didier Grams
4th Erno Kostamo
5th Marek Červený
9th David Datzer
14th Nico Müller
15th Jean-Pierre Polet
19th Paul Manx
25th Foti Psomadakis

Results Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, Grobnik – Superbike class:

Race 1:

7th Ireneusz Sikora (BMW Sikora Motorsport)
9th Christian Wiesinger Mayr (PSV Wels)
10th Miloš Cihak (BMW Motorrad Czech)
12th Mike Wohner (Dunlop Racing)
13th Rene Gebetsroither (PSV Wels)
17th Bartlomiej Lewandowski (Team LRP Poland)
19th Peter Duchyna

Race 2:

6th Ireneusz Sikora
7th Mike Wohner
10th Miloš Cihak
12th Rene Gebetsroither
14th Bartlomiej Lewandowski
16th Peter Duchyna
DNF Christian Wiesinger Mayr

Results Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, Grobnik – Superstock class:

Race 1:

1st Michal Filla (BMW Sikora Motorsport)
2nd Michal Prášek (Rohac-Fejta Motoracing Team) (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Arnaud Friedrich (Team LRP Poland)
9th Jaroslav Szczesny (LRP Poland)
13th Mario Matusenski (Gajs team)
14th Michal Fojcik (Exteria Racing Team)
DNS Alberto Callegari (MK Matulji Racing)

Race 2:

1st Michal Filla
2nd Michal Prášek (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Arnaud Friedrich
9th Jaroslav Szczesny
12th Michal Fojcik

Results International German Championship, Schleiz:

Race 1:

1st Ilya Mikhalchik (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Bastien Mackels (Wilbers BMW Racing)
3rd Julian Puffe (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW)
4th Pepijn Bijsterbosch
12th Marc Neumann (Neumann Racing)
13th Philipp Gengelbach
19th Björn Stuppi (Team Bergau)
DNS Christof Höfer (alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW)

Race 2:

1st Ilya Mikhalchik
2nd Bastien Mackels (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Julian Puffe
5th Pepijn Bijsterbosch
11th Marc Neumann
12th Philipp Gengelbach
16th Björn Stuppi
DNS Christof Höfer

Results Italian Superbike Championship, Misano:

Race 1:

2nd Roberto Tamburini
3rd Luca Vitali (DMR Racing)
6th Axel Bassani (DMR Racing)
11th Christian Gamarino (Tutapista Corse)
14th Alex Bernardi (DMR Racing)
15th Francesco Ciacci (DMR Racing)
DNF Alessandro Delbianco (Gulf Althea BMW)
DNF Christian Serri

Race 2:

3rd Roberto Tamburini
4th Luca Vitali
7th Christian Gamarino
9th Axel Bassani
13th Alex Bernardi
14th Francesco Ciacci

Results Italian National Trophy 1000, Misano:


1st Federico D’Annunzio (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Remo Castellarin
4th Luca Salvadori
5th Stefano Cruciano
6th Alessandro Polita
8th Agatino Alex Sgroi
17th Marco Guerriero
20th Stefano Marcaccioli
DNF Claudio Secchi
DNS Gabriele Pierni
DNS Stefano Fugardi

Results Malaysia Superbike Championship, Sepang – Superbike class:

Race 1:

13th Nik Hadi Nik Mahmood
19th Amirul Hafig Azmi (TOC HKMTOYO Racing Team)

Race 2:

2nd Amirul Hafig Azmi
19th Nik Hadi Nik Mahmood 

Results Malaysia Superbike Championship, Sepang – Superstock class:

Race 1:

2nd Amirul Hafig Azmi (TOC HKMTOYO Racing Team)
4th Sharulnizam Ramli (FTA Liqui Moly Racing)
8th Nasarudin Mat Yusop (TOC HKMTOYO Racing Team)

Race 2:

1st Amirul Hafig Azmi
3rd Sharulnizam Ramli
11th Nasarudin Mat Yusop
16th Abdul Aziz Al-Ikram