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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 03/07/2018, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Five wins: Foray, Filla and Szoke dominate

The BMW racers continue their streak of success

Last weekend delivered more wins and podiums for BMW racers. In the French Superbike Championship (FSBK), defending champion Kenny Foray won both races in Magny-Cours. Michal Filla also triumphed in both races in the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship Superstock class (AARR STK) at the Pannoniaring in Hungary. Arnaud Friedrich also reached the podium.

In the Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK), Jordan Szoke, Ben Young and Samuel Trépanier claimed first, second and third places on the St. Eustache rostrum. Florian Brunet-Lugardon and Jonathan Germany also reached the podium in the French European Bikes Championship (FR EU). You can find all results of the weekend in an overview below.


French Superbike Championship at Magny-Cours, France

Reigning champion Kenny Foray and his Tecmas Racing Team enjoyed a perfect weekend in the French Superbike Championship (FBSK). In the fourth event of the season at Magny-Cours, Foray started both races from pole position, celebrated two wins with his BMW S 1000 RR and recorded the fastest lap both times. Camille Hedelin finished in seventh-place twice. Foray's Tecmas team-mate Maxime Bonnot secured first place in the Superbike Challenger class (SBK Ch) in both races. Bonnot finished the two races in tenth overall.

Kenny Foray:
"It was a very good weekend for us because we took two pole positions, two victories and two fastest race laps. So it was just perfect. In race one, we had really good pace and we could soon build a gap to the rest of the field. That was cool. The second race was a bit difficult because during the final stages I had to battle with Jeremy Guarnoni. I just overtook him on the final lap to finish first. That was a really good feeling and I am really happy for everybody."

Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship at the Pannoniaring, Hungary

The Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) visited the Pannoniaring in Hungary for the third event of the 2018 season. The most successful BMW rider so far in the Superbike class (AARR SBK), Mercury Racing Team's Karel Hanika, was unable to compete in the races due to a broken collarbone. The best-placed BMW rider at the Pannoniaring was his team-mate Ondrej Jezek, finishing in fifth and sixth positions.

BMW racer Michal Filla (BMW Sikora Motorsport) remains the dominant force in the Superstock class (AARR STK). He won both races again to celebrate his fifth and sixth wins of the season. In race one, Arnaud Friedrich (Team LRP Poland) finished second to complete a one-two finish for BMW. Friedrich claimed fourth place in the second race.

French Superbike Championship at Magny-Cours, France

The French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) also took place at Magny-Cours. In total there were four podiums for BMW riders: defending champion Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise) finished second in the two races, while Jonathan Germany reached the rostrum by finishing third both times. Brunet-Lugardon still tops the championship standings, ahead of Germany in second place.

Canadian Superbike Championship at St. Eustache, Canada

The BMW S 1000 RR riders claimed another clean sweep of the podium positions at the third race of the 2018 Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) at St. Eustache. The successful BMW line-up was headed once again by record champion Jordan Szoke (Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team), who celebrated his eighth consecutive win - including last season's tally. Second place went to Ben Young (Ben Young Racing). Samuel Trépanier (Blysk Racing) started from tenth place and moved up to third to complete the top-three lock-out.

Australian Superbike Championship at the Hidden Valley Raceway, Australia

The 2018 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) season resumed at the Hidden Valley Raceway in Northern Australia after a two-month break when the Superbike racers competed in two races. In race one, BMW racer Glenn Allerton rode his NextGen Motorsports Team BMW S 1000 RR to a fifth-place finish. Allerton only just missed out on the podium in the second race by finishing fourth, just half a second after the top three.

Results French Superbike Championship, Magny-Cours:

Race 1:

1st Kenny Foray (Tecmas Racing Team) (+ fastest race lap)
7th Camille Hedelin
10th Maxime Bonnot (Tecmas Racing Team) (1. SBK Ch)

Race 2:

1st Kenny Foray (+ fastest race lap)
7th Camille Hedelin
10th Maxime Bonnot (1. SBK Ch)

Results Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, Pannoniaring - Superbike class:

Race 1:

5th Ondrej Jezek (Mercury Racing Team)
7th Ireneusz Sikora (BMW Sikora Motorsport)
8th Mike Wohner (Dunlop Racing)
9th Rene Gebetsroither (PSV Wels)
13th Bartlomiej Lewandowski (Team LRP Poland)
16th Peter Duchyna
17th Gorski Maciej (Gorski Racing)
DNF Miloš Cihak (BMW Motorrad Czech)
DNF Christopher Kemmer (Bertl K. Racing Team)
DNS Karel Hanika (Mercury Racing Team)

Race 2:

6th Ondrej Jezek
8th Christopher Kemmer
9th Rene Gebetsroither
11th Mike Wohner
12th Ireneusz Sikora
14th Miloš Cihak
16th Bartlomiej Lewandowski
17th Peter Duchyna
18th Gorski Maciej
DNS Karel Hanika

Results Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship, Pannoniaring - Superstock class:

Race 1:

1st Michal Filla (BMW Sikora Motorsport) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Arnaud Friedrich (Team LRP Poland)
5th Bartlomiej Wiczynski (BMW Sikora Motorsport)
8th Michal Šembera (TME racing team)
9th Lasilav Chmelik (KBS Team)
10th Dominik Juda (TME Racing)
11th Bartlomiej Moranski (BMP Motors)
12th Jaroslav Szczesny (LRP Poland)
DNF Michal Prášek (Rohac-Fejta Motoracing Team)
DNF Piotr Falat (Piotr Falat Racing)

Race 2:

1st Michal Filla
4th Arnaud Friedrich
5th Michal Prášek
7th Bartlomiej Wiczynski
8th Michal Šembera
10th Dominik Juda
11th Ladislav Chmelik
13th Jaroslav Szczesny
DNF Bartlomiej Moranski
DNF Piotr Falat

Results French European Bikes Championship, Magny-Cours:

Race 1:

2nd Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise)
3rd Jonathan Germany
4th Maxim Pellizotti
5th Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise)
6th Léo Challamel
7th Julien Brun
10th Alexandre Leleu
11th Eric Dubray
12th Hernani Teixeira
13th Alexandre Chatillon
15th Anthony Gonzalez
17th Yann Plat
20th Laurent Bequelin
22nd Madjid Idres
24th Christophe Seigneur
25th Romain Gelloz
28th Eric Dagault
30th Yann Aimon
32nd Gérald Vinet
33rd Kevin Ternet
35th Eddy Nay
DNF Denis Pavioz
DNF Daniel Silva

Race 2:

2nd Florian Brunet-Lugardon
3rd Jonathan Germany
4th Cyril Brunet-Lugardon
5th Maxim Pellizotti
6th Léo Challamel
8th Alexandre Leleu
9th Anthony Chatillon
10th Hernani Teixeira
11th Julien Brun
13th Yann Plat
15th Eric Dubray
18th Madjid Idres
19th Christophe Seigneur
21st Laurent Bequelin
24th Eric Dagault
26th Yann Aimon
29th Kevin Ternet
DNF Gérald Vinet
DNF Anthony Gonzalez
DNF Romain Gelloz
DNS Denis Paviot

Results Canadian Superbike Championship, St. Eustache:

1st Jordan Szoke (Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team) (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Ben Young (Ben Young Racing)
3rd Samuel Trepanier (Blysk Racing)
5th Michael Leon (Royal Distributing Racing Team)
6th Jeff Williams

Results Australian Superbike Championship, Hidden Valley Raceway:

Race 1:

5th Glenn Allerton (NextGen Motorsports)
20th Ted Collins (NextGen Motorsports)

Race 2:

4th Glenn Allerton
15th Ted Collins