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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 20/06/2018, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Top-six lock-out in the IRRC

Success in the Czech Republic and in France

BMW racers look back on another successful weekend. In the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) races at Terlicko in the Czech Republic, they celebrated top-four and top-six lock-outs. Danny Webb won both races, thereby extending his lead in the championship.

In the French Superbike Championship (FBSK), Kenny Foray topped the podium at Lédenon, where he took his first win of the season. The French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) also made an appearance at Lédenon - and Florian Brunet-Lugardon celebrated a double win. You can find all results of the weekend in an overview below.

British Superbike Championship at Snetterton, Great Britain

The fourth round of the British Superbike Championship (BSB) was held at Snetterton at the weekend. In the Superbike class (BSB SBK), Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing) was the best-placed BMW rider one week after his Isle of Man Senior TT victory. Hickman finished the two races in seventh and sixth place, thereby clinching his best results of the season to date in the BSB. Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW Motorrad), who was cleared for racing after injuring his hand, finished in ninth and eighth place. His Tyco BMW team-mate Michael Laverty retired in the first race, and crossed the finish line in ninth place in the second race.

Peter Hickman:
"I'm happy enough with the weekend and although qualifying was pretty rubbish, I managed to rectify that in both races. I got a bit lucky in race one with a few riders crashing out, and after starting in 17th; I was up into eighth after just a couple of laps! Once there though, my pace was good, and I kept chipping away whilst it was a similar story in race two. Snetterton was our poorest circuit in 2017, so to come away this weekend with two good results is pleasing and whilst I'm still not in the positions I'd like to be in, we've made good progress. It hasn't been easy coming here straight after the TT but the whole team have done well so hopefully this kick starts our season."

In the Superstock class race (BSB STK), Tyco BMW Motorrad rider Keith Farmer, the best BMW rider, finished in fourth place. Luke Hedger (Lloyd & Jones Bowker Motorrad) finished fifth. Jordan Gilbert (Team IMR) and Michael Rutter (Bathams Racing) also made it into the top-ten, finishing in ninth and tenth.

International Road Racing Championship at Terlicko, Czech Republic

The second round of the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) season took the series to Terlicko in the Czech Republic for the "Golden Miners Lamp" races. BMW road racers dominated the weekend, celebrating top-four and top-six lockouts in the two races.

The field of successful BMW riders was headed by Danny Webb on the Wepol Racing by Penz13 BMW S 1000 RR. The Brit secured wins in both races. Like at the opener at Hengelo, in the Netherlands, he picked up the maximum number of points and further extended his lead in the championship. Didier Grams (G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad), who started from pole position, finished on the podium in second place in both races. Third place on the podium in both races went to Erno Kostamo (Markka Racing), and Marek Červený (Wepol Racing by Penz 13) finished fourth in both races. In the second race, Jamie Coward (Wepol Racing by Penz13) and Petr Bičiště (Exteria Racing Team) clinched the top-six lock-out for BMW.

French Superbike Championship at Lédenon, France

The French Superbike Championship (FBSK) headed to Lédenon for the third round of the 2018 season. After four second-places in the previous four races, BMW rider Kenny Foray celebrated his first win of the season on his BMW S 1000 RR in action for Tecmas Racing. Foray won the first of the two races; in race two, the defending champion finished on the podium in second place.

Kenny Foray:
"It was a good weekend for us. We finished the two qualifying sessions in third and second. The lap time was really fast, so we knew that we had a good pace for the races. In the first race, I had a good start and then was involved in a battle for the win over the entire distance. In the end I took the win. That was good for the team, for me and for all involved. The second race was a bit difficult. I had a bad start and afterwards I pushed for the entire race but it was only good enough to finish second. Overall we can be happy with the weekend and I'm looking forward to the next races in two weeks at Magny-Cours."

French European Bikes Championship at Lédenon, France

The French European Bikes Championship (FR EU) was also at Lédenon. For Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise), Lédenon proved to be a good track, with the defending champion winning both races. His brother and team-mate Cyril Brunet-Lugardon finished in fourth and sixth places. Jonathan Germany crossed the finish line in fifth place in both races. Florian Brunet-Lugardon's double win sees him take the lead in the championship standings while Germany is second.

Florian Brunet-Lugardon:
"In race one, I started from second place and took the lead on lap two. Over the course of the race, I had a strong pace and stayed in first position until the chequered flag. In race two, I started from third place on the grid and was able to hold that position at the start. I then was part of a three-way battle at the front and we were really fast. On lap 11, I took the lead and I kept it to the finish line. It is great to be the championship leader before the season reaches it halfway mark at Magny-Cours."

MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship at Sugo, Japan

The MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship (MFJ) was at Sugo for the fourth round of the 2018 season where two races were held. BMW rider Tomoya Hoshino of Tone RT Syncedge 4113 finished in positions 23 and 14.

Results British Superbike Championship, Snetterton - Superbike class:

Race 1:

7th Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing)
9th Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW Motorrad)
13th Sylvain Barrier (Smiths Racing)
DNF Michael Laverty (Tyco BMW Motorrad)

Race 2:

6th Peter Hickman
8th Christian Iddon
9th Michael Laverty
14th Sylvain Barrier

Results British Superbike Championship, Snetterton - Superstock class:


4th Keith Farmer (Tyco BMW Motorrad)
5th Luke Hedger (Llyod & Jones Bowker Motorrad)
9th Jordan Gilbert (Team IMR)
10th Michael Rutter (Bathams Racing)
12th Dean Hipwell (Selective Networks)
16th Paul McClung (McClung Racing)
18th Richard White (Onsite Contractors BMW)
19th Anthony Johnson (AJ Team Racing)
20th Daniel Wagstaff (Moto55 Racing)
25th Jordan Rushby (Alliance Steel Racing)
DNF Phil Wakefield (PWR)
DNF Barry Teasdale (TwoTwoFour BMW)
DNF Alex Olsen (ASTRO - JJR Racing)
DNF Ashley Beech (Jones Dorling Racing)
DNF Chrissy Rouse (Team IMR)
DNF Rob McNealy (McNealy Brown ltd.)

Results International Road Racing Championship, Terlicko:

Race 1:

1st Danny Webb (Wepol Racing by Penz 13)
2nd Didier Grams (G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad) (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Erno Kostamo (Markka Racing)
4th Marek Červený (Wepol Racing by Penz 13)
6th Petr Bičiště (Exteria Racing Team)
7th Jamie Coward (Wepol Racing by Penz 13)
9th David Datzer (D & M Road Racing)
12th Nico Müller (D & M Road Racing)
13th Josef Jezovica
16th Martin Sucháček (Altep Suchoš RT)
20th Paul Manx (Manx Racing)

Race 2:

1st Danny Webb
2nd Didier Grams (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Erno Kostamo
4th Marek Červený
5th Jamie Coward
6th Petr Bičiště
8th Josef Jezovica
10th Nico Müller
12th David Datzer
13th Martin Sucháček
19th Paul Manx

Results French Superbike Championship, Lédenon:

Race 1:

1st Kenny Foray (Tecmas Racing Team)
DNF Matthieu Lussiana (Geomoto by Aspi)
DSQ Maxime Bonnot (Tecmas Racing Team)

Race 2:

2nd Kenny Foray
DNF Maxime Bonnot
DNS Matthieu Lussiana

Results French European Bikes Championship, Lédenon:

Race 1:

1st Florian Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise)
4th Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise)
5th Jonathan Germany
7th Léon Benichou
8th Hernani Teixeira
9th Léo Challamel
10th Julien Brun
12th Yann Plat
14th Eric Dubray
15th Maxim Pellizotti
21st Madjid Idres
22nd Laurent Bequelin
23rd Alexandre Leleu
24th Romain Gelloz
26th Gérald Vinet
31st Christophe Durant

Race 2:

1st Florian Brunet-Lugardon
5th Jonathan Germany
6th Cyril Brunet-Lugardon
7th Alexandre Leleu
8th Maxim Pellizotti
9th Léo Challamel
10th Hernani Teixeira
11th Léon Benichou
12th Julien Brun
13th Eric Dubray
19th Laurent Beguelin
21st Madjid Idres
24th Romain Gelloz
DNF Gérald Vinet
DNF Yann Plat

Results MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship, Sugo:

Race 1:
23rd Tomoya Hoshino (Tone RT SYNCEDGE 4413)

Race 2:

14th Tomoya Hoshino