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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Valencia, Spain, 16/09/2015, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Pure racing feeling

BMW Motorrad Motorsport track test in Valencia

One track and six BMW S 1000 RRs from six different race series: In Valencia, Spain, a special type of test took place. At the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Track Test, international media representatives took to the track on the BMW racing machines from championships such as the IDM, BSB and WSBK. They not only really got to grips with the bikes, but also gained an impression of their individual special features, since the regulations differ from series to series. The BMW riders were on hand to provide interesting tips.

Thirty five journalists from 12 countries accepted the invitation to Valencia. At the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Track Test they had the opportunity to learn about the different facets of BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s worldwide involvement, first hand. They were able to test six racing motorcycles that have already picked up wins and successes this season, and experience for themselves what it is like to take to the track on the powerful BMW racing machines. Udo Mark, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Marketing Director, and Berthold Hauser, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Technical Director, also held workshops that provided insight into the extensive activities.

BMW teams from six series around the world in Valencia

The test in Valencia turned into a meet-up for the large BMW Motorrad Motorsport Community. The BMW teams from six different race series brought their motorcycles to the Spanish track.

The Black Swan Energy team travelled the furthest, coming all the way from South Africa. The #38 BMW S 1000 RR, on which Lance Isaacs contests the South African SuperGP Champions Trophy (RSA SBK), was one of the six racing bikes that the media representatives tested. The Van Zon-Remeha-BMW team brought the #21 RR on which Markus Reiterberger has already secured this season’s championship title in the International German Championship SUPERBIKE*IDM (IDM).

Tyco BMW brought two racing machines with them: the #46 BMW S 1000 RR, on which Tommy Bridewell will contest the “Title Showdown” in the British Superbike Championship (BSB) in the coming weeks, as well as the #8 RR on which Guy Martin celebrated success on the Isle of Man and at other road racing events this season. The journalists were also able to test two world championship motorcycles: the #86 RR of Ayrton Badovini and the BMW Motorrad Italia SBK Team from the Superbike World Championship (WSBK), and the #13 BMW S 1000 RR of Rico Penzkofer’s BMW MOTORRAD France Penz13.com team from the Endurance World Championship (EWC).

Family reunion for the BMW riders

Naturally the usual riders of the racing machines were also there – the BMW riders: Issacs, Reiterberger, Bridewell and his Tyco BMW team-mate Alastair Seeley, who is successful on the RR in the Superstock class of the BSB and in road racing, as well as Badovini. They were on hand to inform the journalists about the special features of their bikes and helped out with refuelling and changing the tyres. For the riders and team members, the track test in Valencia was also something of a family reunion – they helped each other out in the pits and used the time together to conduct intense racing discussions.

“It’s great being able to tell the journalists directly what it is like to take to the track on our RRs,” said WSBK rider Badovini. “I think it’s a fantastic idea to let the media test so many different motorcycles. It is also nice to see all these RRs from different race series together in the pit lane. The test in Valencia was also a lot of fun for us as riders – even though we were just watching this time.”

“It was something new for me to see so many journalists climbing onto my British Superbike and really pushing on track. It was very interesting hearing the feedback from the journalists on the various bikes from WSBK, IDM, BSB and so on,” agreed Bridewell, the rider currently in fourth place in the BSB. “The great thing about a day like this is that everyone is relaxed because you aren’t focused on racing and lap times. You can talk, have fun and laugh together. I know Rico and his Penz13-Team well, and a few of the guys from the WSBK team. It was great to see them all again!”

The South African RR rider Isaacs concurs: “I don’t often have the opportunity to spend time with the other BMW riders from the other series. The BMW family came together here. We swapped experiences, made comparisons and gave each other tips. As riders and teams, such a test gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the international media – it’s fantastic.” Isaacs went on to say that this kind of test is also perfect for the journalists: “They don’t just take to the track and test a motorcycle, they get to compare the bikes from the different championships and talk to the riders. That gives them a better impression of just how different the regulations of the race series are and what riders and teams need to pay attention to when setting up the bikes.”

AARR champion as journalist

An active BMW racer was also among the 35 journalists: Roland Resch, who secured the championship title in the 2015 Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship 2015 (AARR) before the end of the season. He headed to Valencia as the test rider for the Austrian magazine “Der Reitwagen”.

“You really notice the difference between the bikes because you ride them in quick succession. It was very interesting for me to see how the World Superbike performs compared with the IDM bike,” said Resch. “I really enjoyed riding on Ayrton’s RR from the WSBK. You can see the development that has gone into it. It is also tuned so perfectly that I was able to push the limits even more in the corners. The bike rides like it’s on rails and gives you a lot of time in the corners.” From Valencia, Resch headed straight to the Slovakia Ring – for the AARR season finale.