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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 29/11/2017,

Champion in Malaysia.

Ninth title win for the BMW racing family

The last races of the 2017 season for the international BMW Motorrad Motorsport racing family were held at the weekend. In Sepang, the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC) ended with the title win for BMW rider Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam in the Superbike class. He is the ninth champion from the BMW family this season.

The 2017 SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK) concluded in São Paulo with a double podium for BMW S 1000 RR rider Maximiliano Gerardo from Urugay. You can find all results of the weekend in an overview below.

Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang, Malaysia

It was an action packed final race Sunday for the BMW riders in the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC) with two races each in the Superbike and the Superstock classes. BMW rider Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam (HKM Times Bike Racing Team) tackled the final races at “Sepang International Circuit” without any pressure – as he had celebrated an early title win in the Superbike class (MSC SBK) at the penultimate round.

In Saturday’s qualifying, Badrul Hisam experienced bad luck with the weather. The session was stopped due to heavy rain before he could set a fast lap time on his BMW HP4 and as a result, he had to start Sunday’s first race from the back of the grid. He then made a fantastic recovery and was on course for a podium finish. After seven laps however, the race had to be red flagged after a competitor suffered a blown engine. In the results of the shortened first race, Badrul Hisam was classified fourth.

In race two, the champion concluded the season with a third place on the podium. In the ten races held this year, Badrul Hisam claimed six wins, one second and one third place on the rostrum.

In the Superstock class (MSC STK), Nasarudin Mat Yusop (BMW Motorrad Malaysia Team) was the highest placed BMW rider. In the first race, he crossed the line in seventh. The start of race two had to be delayed as a typical Sepang tropical rain shower hit the track in the afternoon. When the action resumed, conditions were treacherous with parts of the circuit still being very wet while other parts had already dried. Mat Yusop took no unnecessary risks and finished 16th. In the overall championship standings of the Superstock class, Mat Yusop claimed third place.

SuperBike Series Brasil at São Paulo, Brazil

The 2017 season in the SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK) ended with a double podium for the BMW S 1000 RR. The final round was held at São Paulo. Maximiliano Gerardo from Urugay debuted on JC Racing Team’s RR, and it was a successful premiere. Gerardo finished both races in second place on the rostrum.

Danilo Lewis (Tecfil Havoline Racing Team) was eighth in race one, but failed to finish the second race. Gerardo’s team-mate Davi Lara Costa was classified tenth and ninth respectively.

Results Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang – Superbike class:

Race 1:

4th Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam (HKM Times Bike Racing Team)
12th Mohamad Fitri (HKM Times Bike Racing Team)
15th Shahrulnizam Ramli (Kakikloudkartel Racing Team)
16th Mohamad Masoni Pitri
20th Mohd Rehan Rosli

Race 2:

3rd Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam
6th Shahrulnizam Ramli
10th Mohamad Fitri
14th Mohamad Masoni Pitri
15th Mohd Rehan Rosli

Results Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang – Superstock class:

Race 1:

7th Nasarudin Mat Yusop (BMW Motorrad Malaysia Team)
10th Mohd Najuib Alias (HKM Times Bike Racing Team)
DNS Dominic Chang (SportsRider Racing Team)

Race 2:

16th Nasarudin Mat Yusop
DNF Mohd Najuib Alias
DNS Dominic Chang

Results SuperBike Series Brasil in São Paulo:

Race 1:

2nd Maximiliano Gerardo (JC Racing Team)
8th Danilo Lewis (Tecfil Havoline Racing Team)

10th Davi Lara Costa (JC Racing Team)
11th Alex Borges (PRT – Pitico Race Team)
12th Diego Viveiros (Tecfil Racing Team)

Race 2:

2nd Maximiliano Gerardo
9th Davi Lara Costa
10th Diego Viveiros
DNF Danilo Lewis
DNS Alex Borges


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