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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 02/08/2017, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Trio of double wins.

Eventful weekend with lots of more success

It was an action-packed and successful weekend for members of the worldwide BMW Motorrad Motorsport family. In Japan, they tackled the famous “Suzuka 8 Hours”, the final round of the FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC). The International German Championship (IDM) met at Schleiz, where Markus Reiterberger continued to dominate. He took another double win, while podium finishes also went to Dominik Vincon, Jan Bühn and Danny De Boer.

There were more double wins and podiums in Hungary and Malaysia. Michal Prášek was unbeatable in the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) Superstock class. Michal Filla and Michal Šembera also stepped onto the AARR podium. Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam continued his winning streak in the Superbike class of the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC). In the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV), Matteo Ferrari claimed a third place on the podium. You can find all results of the weekend in an overview below.

FIM Endurance World Championship in Suzuka, Japan

The renowned “Suzuka 8 Hours” marked the final round of the season in the FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC). The endurance classic, that saw its 40th edition at the weekend, is the most important race of the year for the Japanese manufacturers. Accordingly, they enter full works teams, supported by well-known riders from international championships. Seven private BMW teams also tackled the challenge at the “Suzuka Circuit”, assisted on site by the experts from BMW Motorrad Motorsport.

The highest placed BMW S 1000 RR was the number 135 of Team Tras135 HP, ridden by Hijiri Yamamoto, Jun Tadokoro and Tomoya Hoshino, in 21st position overall (20th in the SBK class). The Team BMCJ Motorrad Rennsport number 9 RR with Koji Teramoto and Pedro Vallcaneras was 32nd overall and 28th in the Superbike class. There was also one European BMW team taking part in Suzuka, the EKO IVRacing BMW CSEU squad with riders Martin Choy, Ladislav Chmelik and Karel Hanika. They finished the race in 47th overall and 42nd in the SBK class. Two well-known riders from Europe supported Team BMW Motorrad39; regular rider Daisaku Sakai shared duties with Raffaele De Rosa from the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) and Christian Iddon from the British Superbike Championship (BSB). However, the squad suffered bad luck and lost a lot of time due to two crashes at the beginning of the race. Despite that, they raced to the end of the eight hours, but as they had not completed enough laps, they were not classified.

Martin Choy:
“In the end I think it was good, because we finished the race and during it we improved a lot in our basics. The lap times were good, very, very good. but it is racing and you can never expect what happens. We had a little problem with the fuel tank after a crash in free practice. Without that I believe we could have made it into the top-15. But anyway, we’ve been here for the first time and it is a very, very hard race, so for us it is very good to finish the race. Great job by the team!”

Ladislav Chmelik:
“I was allowed to ride the last stint and finish the race and that is really an honour, because this race is so famous. I don’t have words for this race. It is a pity that we had a little problem with the fuel tank, but in the end the most important thing is that we finished the race. This was the best feeling I had in my life.”

Christian Iddon:
“I can honestly say this has been one of the highlights of my racing career. The event itself is just amazing and I've never done an endurance race before but I have really enjoyed it. The result doesn’t show how great it was, as we had some bad luck. It was not easy, as we had one experienced Japanese guy in the team and us two rookies. The team has come together from all different places. We had the Japanese team, then guys from Tyco BMW had come over to give a hand and of course the specialists from BMW Motorrad Motorsport but in the end it all came together and I loved every minute of it. Big thanks to BMW JAPAN and all involved for making it happen and for giving me the opportunity. I really hope I get the opportunity to go back again bit now it’s time to focus back on BSB.”

International German Championship at Schleiz, Germany

The third round of the 2017 season of the International German Championship (IDM) – and Markus Reiterberger continues to be the man to beat. At the famous “Schleizer Dreieck”, the Van Zon-Remeha-BMW team rider claimed another commanding double win, crossing the line with advantages of 24 and 14 seconds respectively. This saw him extend his overall championship lead.

Together with “Reiti”, three other BMW S 1000 RR riders stepped onto the podium. In race one, his team-mate Jan Bühn crossed the line in third. In race two, the BMW racers secured a top-three lockout: Dominik Vincon (BMW Stilgenbauer) was second behind winner Reiterberger, while Danny De Boer (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) was third on the rostrum.

Markus Reiterberger:
“The entire weekend was great, even if Friday was a bit eventful. The first practice was held in wet conditions and then we had a defect in the second session. But in the third practice we started with our work and were 1.2 seconds faster than all the others from the word go. This was a good base on the Schleiz circuit which is my favourite track and which suits me very well. Race one was great, and I did consistent lap times from start to finish. The second race was similar, however the temperatures had risen and we had to opt for a different tyre compound but Pirelli gave us very good advice. It was a perfect weekend in front of a massive enthusiastic crowd.”

Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship at the Pannoniaring, Hungary

The penultimate round of the 2017 Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR) was held at Hungarian Pannoniaring at the weekend – with more success for the BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers. In the Superbike class (AARR SBK), Michal Filla (Dominator Racing Team) claimed a double podium, finishing the two races in second and third respectively. Christopher Kemmer (Bertl K. Racing Team) and Mike Wohner (Dunlop Racing) crossed the line in fifth and sixth positions on both occasions.

In the Superstock class (AARR STK) reigning champion Michal Prášek (Roháč & Fejta motoracing team) celebrated a double win. Michal Šembera (Team LRP Poland) joined him on the podium in race two, finishing third.

Italian Superbike Championship in Misano, Italy

There has also been a podium finish for the BMW Motorrad Motorsport family in the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV) at the weekend. The fourth round of the season was held at Misano on the Adriatic coast. Matteo Ferrari claimed third place in race two on his DMR Racing BMW S 1000 RR. In race one, Ferrari crossed the line in sixth. Top-ten finishes also went to Ivan Goi (DMR Racing), who was seventh and tenth respectively, and to Lorenzo Lanzi (Tutapista Corse), who finished sixth in race two.

Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang, Malaysia

After a long three month break, the 2017 Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC) resumed at the weekend with the third round held at Sepang International Circuit. In the Superbike class (MSC SBK), Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam (HKM TimesBike Racing Team) continued his winning streak. He was victorious in both races, extending his championship lead. In the Superstock class (MSC STK), two BMW riders claimed top-ten finishes; Nasarudin Mat Yusop (BMW Motorrad Malaysia Team) was fifth in race two, while Linggam Ramoo (HKM TimesBike Racing Team) finished in tenth and ninth respectively.

Results FIM Endurance World Championship in Suzuka:

8h race:

21st #135 Team Tras135 HP (Hijiri Yamamoto, Jun Tadokoro, Tomoya Hoshino) (20th SBK class)
32nd #9 BMCJ Motorrad Rennsport (Koji Teramoto, Pedro Vallcaneras) (28th SBK class)
37th #91 ActiveLink TIO Verity (Akihiro Igarashi, Yoshinobu Takahashi, Toshihiko Tsuji) (5th STK class)
39th #23 Team Vital Spirit (Yuto Sano, Noriyuki Tusjimoto, Katsoto Sano) (34th SBK class)
47th #52 EKO IVRacing BMW CSEU (Ladislav Chmelik, Martin Choy, Karel Hanika) (42nd SBK class)
53rd #56 Tone RT Syncedge 4413 (Shinya Takeishi, Gun Nakamoto, Yuta Kodama) (8th STK class)
NC #39 BMW Motorrad 39 (Raffaele De Rosa, Christian Iddon, Daisaku Sakai) (SBK class)

Results International German Championship at Schleiz:

Race 1:

1st Markus Reiterberger (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW) (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Jan Bühn (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW)
9th Danny De Boer (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW)
10th Vincent Lonbois (Herpigny Motors – BMW Motorrad Belux)
11th Marc Neumann (Neumann Racing Team)
12th Arnaud Friedrich (Van Zon-Remeha-BMW)
13th Dominik Vincon (BMW Stilgenbauer)
16th Patryk Kosiniak (Wilbers BMW Racing Team)
17th Philipp Gengelbach
21st Marek Červený
24th Björn Stuppi (Team Bergau)
26th Petr Bičiště
27th Christoph Kreller

Race 2:

1st Markus Reiterberger (+ fastest race lap)
2nd Dominik Vincon
3rd Danny De Boer
6th Jan Bühn
12th Marc Neumann
13th Vincent Lonbois
15th Arnaud Friedrich
17th Philipp Gengelbach
21st Marek Červený
22nd Björn Stuppi
25th Petr Bičiště
26th Christoph Kreller
DNF Patryk Kosiniak

Results Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship at the Pannoniaring – Superbike class:

Race 1:

2nd Michal Filla (Dominator Racing Team)
5th Christopher Kemmer (Bertl K. Racing Team)
6th Mike Wohner (Dunlop Racing)
9th Rene Gebetsroither (Rene #64 Racing Team)
10th Pawel Gorka (BMW Motorrad Polska)
15th Bartlomiej Lewandowski (Team LRP Poland)
24th Tomasz Serafin (Team LRP Poland)
25th Richard Balcar (BMW Motorrad CSEU)
DNF Piotr Kaluzka (SBK Racing Team)
DNF Nuri Yilmaz

Race 2:

3rd Michal Filla
5th Christopher Kemmer
6th Mike Wohner
9th Pawel Gorka
13th Bartlomiej Lewandowski
16th Richard Balcar
19th Piotr Kaluzka
20th Tomasz Serafin
DNF Rene Gebetsroither
DNS Nuri Yilmaz

Results Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship at the Pannoniaring – Superstock class:

Race 1:

1st Michal Prášek (Roháč & Fejta motoracing team)
10th Stefan Cirbus (Cirpal Racing)
11th Wojciech Wrobel (Dominator Racing Team)
13th Piotr Falat (Piotr Falat Racing)
14th Michal Šembera (Team LRP Poland)
15th Jaroslaw Szczesny (SBK Racing Team)
16th Michal Fojtik (Exteria Racing Team)
17th Rene Skalicky (Exteria Racing Team)
18th Marcin Dabrowski (Ninja-Moto Racing Team)
DNF Grzegorz Hanuszewicz (Team LRP Poland)
DNF David Božič (BS Motorsport Racing Team)
DNS Martin Tritscher

Race 2:

1st Michal Prášek
3rd Michal Šembera
10th Martin Tritscher
12th Stefan Cirbus
13th David Božič
14th Wojciech Wrobel
15th Piotr Falat
17th Grzegorz Hanuszewicz
18th Jaroslaw Szczesny
20th Rene Skalicky
22nd Marcin Dabrowski
DNF Michal Fojtik

Results Italian Superbike Championship in Misano:

Race 1:

6th Matteo Ferrari (DMR Racing)
7th Ivan Goi (DMR Racing)
12th Julian Puffe (MF84 Pluston by Althea)
14th Francesco Ciacci (Crazy Old Men)
DNF Lorenzo Lanzi (Tutapista Corse)
DNF Luca Ottaviani (Tutapista Corse)
DNF Denni Schiavoni (DMR Racing)

Race 2:

3rd Matteo Ferrari
6th Lorenzo Lanzi
10th Ivan Goi
12th Denni Schiavoni
15th Julian Puffe
18th Francesco Ciacci
DNF Luca Ottaviani

Results Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang – Superbike class:

Race 1:

1st Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam (HKM Times Bike Racing Team) (+ fastest race lap)
7th Mohamad Taufik Razali
DNS Mohamad Masoni Pitri

Race 2:

1st Muhammad Farid Badrul Hisam
11th Mohamad Masoni Pitri
DNF Mohamad Taufik Razali

Results Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang – Superstock class:

Race 1:

10th Linggam Ramoo (HKM TimesBike Racing Team)
11th Dominic Chang (SportsRider Racing Team)
17th Mohd Rehan Rosli
DNF Nasarudin Mat Yusop (BMW Motorrad Malaysia Team)
DNF Benoit Goeuriot
DNF Mohd Najuib Alias (HKM TimesBike Racing Team)

Race 2:

5th Nasarudin Mat Yusop
9th Linggam Ramoo
12th Dominic Chang
18th Mohd Rehan Rosli
20th Benoit Goeuriot
DNF Mohd Najuib Alias