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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Losail, 04/11/2014, FIM Superbike World Championship

Barrier finishes WSBK Evo-class in fourth overall

Barrier finishes WSBK Evo-class in fourth overall

Despite missing six out of twelve race rounds of the Superbike World Championship (WSBK), S 1000 RR rider and BMW Motorrad Race Trophy participant Sylvain Barrier finished the season in an outstanding fourth position in the Evo-class.

The Superbike World Championship concluded its 2014 season with a premiere: For the first time ever, the series held a round under the floodlights at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.

Racing under floodlights required the riders to adapt to some pretty unusual conditions. “In the first session I had some trouble getting to grips with the track,” Sylvain comments. “It was slippery and there was sand as soon as you went off the line. Then gradually my feeling improved and thanks to the hard work of my team, we were able to set up the bike well.”

Season finale with highs and lows for Barrier

While fourth overall is a great result for RR Rider Sylvain Barrier bearing in mind the circumstances, the Frenchman of the BMW Motorrad Italia SBK Team had a season finale of highs and lows. The first sessions gave him confidence through the great performance of his BMW S 1000 RR. Consequently, he was consistently on top of the EVO pack.

However, at the end of Superpole 1 on Saturday, the 26 year-old had a heavy highsider causing contusions to his foot, his back and ribs. These injuries affected him on Sunday. In race one, Barrier didn’t have a good start and was soon bothered by his contusions. He ultimately finished third of the EVO class and 14th overall.

“In race one I was suffering the after effects of the crash“, says Barrier. “I was unable to find good feeling on the bike, because it was harder to ride than I wanted.“

Leading race two, but unlucky retirement due to a technical issue

After having taken some painkillers, he quickly took the lead of the EVO field in race two and was riding in a strong tenth overall position. But after five laps he had to retire due to a technical problem.

The Frenchman continues: “In race two I had to take painkillers and was fortunately able to ride well. But unfortunately I had a technical problem on lap three and had to run off track to avoid crashing. I tried to restart, at least to finish the race, but the problem reappeared and so I had to stop. It was a weekend made difficult by yesterday’s crash in Superpole. Up until that point everything was going well. But this is racing. I want to thank my team for their great work this season and for having helped me so much, especially during the difficult moments.”

RR rider Imre Toth finished the races in 18th and 17th respectively

Apart from supporting the BMW Motorrad Italia SBK Team around Sylvain Barrier, the experts of BMW Motorrad Motorsport were on site at the Losail Circuit to consult the BMW Team Toth in preparing for the last two races of the year. Hungarian BMW S 1000 RR rider Imre Toth finished the races in 18th and 17th respectively.

With regards to the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, Sylvain Barrier moved from 43rd to 42nd position. Imre Toth remains in 62nd position.