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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Munich, Germany, 07/12/2016, BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

Successful finale in Brazil and Malaysia

The weekend’s action at a glance

The 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy drew to a close last weekend with the final rounds of the season in the SuperBike Series Brasil and the Malaysia Superbike Championship. And there was more success for riders on the BMW S 1000 RR in both São Paulo (Brazil) and Sepang (Malaysia).

São Paulo hosted two races on the ninth and final race weekend of the SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK). One rider, in particular, caught the eye: Alex Barros, former MotoGP star, long time record holder with 276 starts in the motorcycle world championship and boss of the BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing Team. He mounted the BMW S 1000 RR and took part in the race himself. And he did so with great success: Barros first finished runner-up to take his place on the podium in race one, before going on to win race two and set the fastest lap.

Danilo Lewis (TecFil Racing Team) joined Barros on the podium in São Paulo, courtesy of third place in the opening race. Lewis ended the season in second place in the overall standings.

Barros’ team-mate Diego Pierluigi rounded off a successful weekend for the BMW riders, finishing fourth in race one and third in race two.

The BMW racers in the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC) had a packed programme as their season drew to a close. No fewer than four races were held in both the Superbike (MSC SBK) and Superstock (MSC STK) classes at the final round in Sepang. The BMW S 1000 RR had another podium finish to celebrate: Colin Butler (AP Racing) finished third in race four of the Superbike class. Butler ended the season third in the MSC SBK standings.

You can also find photos of our RR racers in São Paulo and Sepang on the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Facebook channel (link: see below).

The following offers an overview of the results from last weekend:

SuperBike Series Brasil in São Paulo

Race 1:

2nd Alex Barros (BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing Team)
3rd Danilo Lewis (TecFil Racing Team)
4th Diego Pierluigi (BMW Motorrad Alex Barros Racing Team)
9th Alex Borges (PRT – Pitico Racing Team)
19th Mauricio Paludete (Sport Plus Racing)

Race 2:

1st Alex Barros (+ fastest race lap)
3rd Diego Pierluigi
13th Mauricio Paludete
DNF Alex Borges
DNF Danilo Lewis

Malaysia Superbike Championship in Sepang

Superbike race 1:

9th Colin Butler (AP Racing)
11th Stan Whiting (Motorsports NT)

Superbike race 2:

6th Colin Butler
15th Stan Whiting

Superbike race 3:

4th Colin Butler
13th Stan Whiting

Superbike race 4:

3rd Colin Butler
14th Stan Whiting

Superstock race 1:

6th Azwan Abdul Malek (S4M Motorsports)
9th Dominic Chang (SportsRider Racing Team)
11th Nasarudin Mat Yusop (BMW Malaysia)
DNF Muhammad Haiekal Zakaria (Onexox TKKR Team)
DNF Abdul Aziz Al Ikram Yaakub (HKM TimesBike Racing Team)
DNF Mohd Zairie Zaharuddin (Motoris Ventures)
DNF Ahmad Abas (HKM TimesBike Racing Team)
DNS Linggam Rammoo (SportsRider Racing Team)

Superstock race 2:

5th Nasarudin Mat Yusop
7th Azwan Abdul Malek
10th Dominic Chang
15th Muhammad Haiekal Zakaria
DNF Abdul Aziz Al Ikram Yaakub
DNF Mohd Zairie Zaharuddin
DNS Ahmad Abas

Superstock race 3:

4th Nasarudin Mat Yusop
6th Azwan Abdul Malek
16th Dominic Chang
17th Muhammad Haiekal Zakaria
20th Mohd Zairie Zaharuddin
DNF Ahmed Abas
DNF Abdul Aziz Al Ikram Yaakub

Superstock race 4:

7th Azwan Abdul Malek
10th Abdul Aziz Al Ikram Yaakub
11th Dominic Chang
16th Nasarudin Mat Yusop
DNF Mohd Zairie Zaharuddin
DNF Ahmed Abas
DNF Muhammad Haiekal Zakaria