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BMW Motorrad Motorsport

Lausitzring, 12/09/2014, Superbike IDM / International German Championship

BMW Motorrad Race Trophy: Markus Reiterberger shows Martin Tomczyk the RR performance

Historical premiere: for the first time in 25 years motorcycles and racecars share a race weekend

Before the eighth round of the 2014 IDM season, VanZon-Remeha BMW rider Markus Reiterberger demonstrated to his four-wheel stablemate Martin Tomczyk, from the Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), just what his S 1000 RR is capable of. The 2012 DTM Champion swapped his BMW M4 DTM for some fast laps on a production BMW S 1000 RR with 193 hp. Reigning Superbike IDM Champion Markus Reiterberger showed Tomczyk the handling track at the Lausitzring on his 200 hp plus race machine. Reason for swapping vehicles was a premiere: for the first time in 25 years, motorcycles and racecars shared the same race weekend, which hosted the IDM and DTM events.

Family get together for BMW stablemates at the Lausitzring

So, at the Lausitzring there was a welcome ‘family get together’ between the BMW motorcycle riders in the IDM and their stablemates in the DTM. After the ride on two wheels, Reiterberger could not resist taking his place alongside Tomczyk for a taxi drive in the BMW M4 DTM safety car. Afterwards, the motorcycling professional also received an expert tour around the BMW Team Schnitzer pits and an insight into the technology in the BMW M4 DTM.

Reiterberger in an interview: “The run in the BMW M4 DTM safety car was really great fun. You can drift particularly well in the rain.” Reiterberger commented: “Martin did a good job on the motorbike. He rode the production motorbike with production tyres, while I rode my race version with rain tyres. He kept up with me easily. The run in the BMW M4 DTM safety car was really great fun. With such a car you can drift particularly well in the rain. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this with the motorbike in these conditions, because it’s all too easy to end up on the ground. It was fantastic how Martin threw the car into the corners. The pit garage tour at the end was very interesting. It was impressive to see the technology used in the BMW M4 DTM at close hand.”

Action-packed experience for Martin Tomczyk on the S 1000 RR

Martin Tomczyk added: “It was huge fun to test the S 1000 RR, even though to start I had to overcome myself to completely trust the technology on this motorbike and to go to the limit. Because the bike that I rode is a thoroughbred Supersport machine. These motorcycles are equipped with traction control and ABS, but they have two wheels less than what we are used to. So, because of this I really pushed hard in the BMW M4 DTM safety car. Markus was a super co-driver. But a motorcyclist is on the limit anyway which is why he enjoyed it. It was also very interesting to learn how it is for him to ride around the Lausitzring on his race motorbike. You notice the bumps even more on the motorbike, you immediately feel every impact. As a result, at the extreme lean angles in the corners it’s much more difficult to brake and to accelerate out. We have it a lot better with four wheels.”